Friday, December 29, 2006

Cupcake Holiday Classic

Every year, at this time of the year, the POI host a few Eastern Powers. They have the pleasure of hosting Alabama-Huntsville?, Umass, and Ferris State. Not really Eastern but hey get the shots in when I can! Traditionally the U has a few (5 this year) boys at the WJT. Most of the other powers in college hockey host their own tourneys so a few pansies get lured in. This year is no exception.

UAH comes to Mecca with a 5-12-1 record 58 GF, 81 GA. This should be a breeze even with the WJT MIA's. The POI have skated 3 times in 2 weeks and may be a bit rusty. Look for a slow start and then a blitz.

In the first tilt today Umass and Ferris St. hit the sheet. Umass has a 8-5-2 record. Ferris has a dismal 4-11-2 record.

Look for UMA to shut down FSU. Mass has a pretty good goals against of 2.4.

No TV tonight due to the InSight bowl! Wahoo. It's even tape delayed on CCO. WTF!

There is a net cast available via ESPN South. Cue the theme from Deliverance! Bubba and Buford with the play by play at 7:07 PM CST. I think I'll pass. Instead I'll opt for TECH vs. Michigan and HAWHVARD vs. Mich.St on FOX Detroit. Better yet maybe I'll start packing for the move.....HUMMMM.... Couch vs. packing? Couch any day.

Sunday, December 24, 2006



Friday, December 22, 2006

Clothing Optional

For those of you that take yourself to seriously and lack humor!

A woman stopped by unannounced at her recently married son's house. She rang the
doorbell and walked in. She was shocked to see her daughter-in-law lying on the
couch, totally naked. Soft music was playing and the aroma of perfume filled the room.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm waiting for my husband to come home from work," the daughter-in-law answered."
But you're naked!" the mother-in-law exclaimed.

"This is my LOVE dress," the daughter-in-law explained.

"LOVE dress? But you're naked!"

"My husband LOVES me to wear this dress," she explained. "It excites him to no end.
Every time he sees me in this dress, he instantly becomes romantic and ravages me
for hours on end. He can't get enough of me."

The mother-in-law left. When she got home, she undressed, showered, put on her best
perfume, dimmed the lights, put on a romantic CD, and lay on the couch waiting for
her husband to arrive.

Finally, her husband came home.

He walked in and saw her lying there so provocatively.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"This is my LOVE dress," she whispered, sensually.

"Needs ironing," he said. "What's for dinner?"

I don't care, that right there is funny.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Trolling for....

Like most fans I go to various forums and read post about the other team games and so on. While visiting I saw a curious thread at the top. It's titled "Enough about Holy Cross" as I started my little journey into the minds of the SUE one thing struck me as odd. A few posters claimed the the SUZIE minions actually helped HC win the game. HUH? No the Goof's just laid an egg. Much like Suzie is doing this year.

Do the POI fans revel in a loss. Yes. Do they obsess? Hell NO! There is a little virtue known around these parts called Class. Do we run out and get a Alaska, BADgers or Tech jersey's and wear them to Mecca when Suzie comes to town? Abomination! Why disrespect your own team by wearing another teams colors? Class.

Oh yeah, I know it was the "biggest" upset in college hockey. Let's move forward people. GPLer's would jump on you in their forum for even posting something like that. Jup would lock it the second it hit the board. Class.

The emotion of playing the Sue will be high when they hit Mecca. Where will the teams be in the standings in a month? What will be the out come? Whatever the outcome one thing remains the same, some have it some don't. Class.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The REAL State of Hockey

INCH has an interesting breakdown by state of D1 college talent and where they hail from. You can see the state by state breakdown here and the WCHA breakdown here.

The paint thinner nation which claims to be the "new state of hockey" has supplied the NCAA with a whopping 27 players. SUZIE'S flatland has supplied 8. Shit, Texas has supplied more the NoDak at 10. Even Illinois has pumped 59 in.

Minny is at 214 (That's 21% of all playing D1) followed by Michigan with 150. One surprise to me is New York with 103!
That's 4 times as many as the red menace and TEN times more then the "butchers" of the national anthem.

You may adopt these players and call them your own, but in fact they are not. Only ONE team in the nation can do that. Little something called pride.

Pride on Ice!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just a precautionary measure

If you think about the decision by the U's braintrust it makes sense. Do not play UND sports! You know why? Because most of their other teams could probably beat the Goof's in other sports. Sad but true.

Read the Ch.5 report here.

In a gutless and toothless decision they are not allowing games against the SUE because of the name. Now why would they take this stand and not include hockey? Hummm..... they are going to pressure the non revenue generating teams at UND and start taking away their competition. Will other follow? Don't know.
The only D-1 sport at UND is hockey. They are the most consistent visitors to the post season. Could you imagine the WCHA or Mecca without UND playing? I can't. I can however image an arena without their obnoxious fan base and disrespect to OUR national anthem.

What's in a name anyways?

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

This one gets filed under WTF!

They caught the gutless C*NT who shot 24 year old Pedro Marcelino Simon. Simon had recently left the Mexican army and moved to Minny to get work and support his mother back in Mexico.

Police say that Jorge A. Quijada, felt "disrespected" because Pedro laughed at the gang signs the "C*NT" was flashing as they drove up 94.

Pedro made 1 mistake, paying attention to this boil on the ass of humanity. What prompted the shooting? I can only speculate that they rolled up on him saw he was the same nationality, did their gay little flashy thing and when he laughed at them BANG, BANG yer dead!

Makes you think the next time you get cut off on the highway doesn't it? Keep your finger down and smile! No wait don't smile or laugh!

Do ya think Cost Cutter did that doo? Oh the circular swirl down the drain the country is taking!
Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Seasons Greetings

Some prankster at my church!

Twas a week before Christmas and all through the WCHA rinks not a team could stay with us, not even the 94East dinks!

The SUE were all snuggled safe in 8th place, while DU took it home and grabbed 2nd place.

The Seadogs were swimmin and making some waves, JBSU and CC were were back in the maze.

Let's not forget about the Mavs and whiners from the twin ports, they just keep playing, thinking of April and hitting the resorts.

The Techies keep surging having just swept the the SUE, They are probably still thinking, "what is the NCAA going to do?"

The vizsla was all settled with her head on my quilt, I posted this ramble without guilt.

We may not win it and I do not care, I don't need this, or the fat chick with butch hair.

I leave you to ponder this one lil thing, will your squad be ready to play come spring?

I wish all my "fans" (LOL!) a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

WCHA action

The natives are restless. Reading the post mortem musings over at the general sense is "we hope it gets better in the second half". Looking at the schedule it's not going to. They have away series in CC,UM,DU and JBSU.

Tech takes the Friday night tilt 3-1. What a crazy season. The thought that the Flickertails might be getting swept twice at Nazi Hall in consecutive weeks is hilarious!

54GA and 52GF! Does the offense suck or the D? One thing is BOTH the goalies SUCK. To bad we can't return to the RALPH and smack them down. But the braintrust that is the WCHA decided not to have the Goof's visit the wasteland of ND. They are hanging on by a thread in the KRACH at 15th and are well down the charts in PWR at 25th. Will they even make it to St.Paul?

In the Bottom Feeder Cup, daMavs took it to fUMD 3-1. Mr. Niskanen became the 5th leading scorer for the Jr.College by tipping in a shot on his sieve. Jr.College is just 3 points behind the Flickertail's for sixth. fUMD is back where they are used to being. On the bottom looking up. Welcome home!

Friday, December 15, 2006

The geriatric state

Did they just kill Morgan? Can't this state get ANYTHING right? The NEXT BUSH halted further death sentences after a "botched" execution. This follows a California hold on executions because Jeremy(US District Judge) said that the 3 cocktail injection was so "painful" that it "OFFENDS" the 8th Amendment. The "judge" has halted the execution of convicted rapist and murderer Michael Morales because he deems the execution as cruel and unusual. HUH?

You raped and killed someone! That's pretty cruel and unusual in MY book.

The report says that 1 execution took 34 minutes! WOW! I wonder how long the victims suffered before their murder? They spend 15 years appeal after appeal, with 3 hots and a cot at OUR expense before the "big day" and then say they suffered. So. Did your victim have 15 years?

The Russian justice system deals with this in a MUCH different way. Convicted of murder?

Escorted Out back.


One bullet to the back of the head.


At least they have one thing right.

Oh, and for you bleeding hearts out (up north) there, I give you the FOG HORN! Oh the life in Liberal Lakes! You are blessed. Jeb in 08!

OBTW a lil hood update. 1 man killed 7 blocks away Monday(knife still stuck in neck when found) and a drive by Tuesday afternoon! Ah diversity!

Fences make good neighbors!

I found this article on NPR quite funny. Good idea, they just got caught. Let them build the fence then ship them back after it's done!

A fence-building company in Southern California agrees to pay nearly $5 million in fines for hiring illegal immigrants. Two executives from the company may also serve jail time. The Golden State Fence Company's work includes some of the border fence between San Diego and Mexico.

After an immigration check in 1999 found undocumented workers on its payroll, Golden State promised to clean house. But when followup checks were made in 2004 and 2005, some of those same illegal workers were still on the job. In fact, U-S Attorney Carol Lam says as many as a third of the company's 750 workers may have been in the country illegally.

Golden State Fence built millions of dollars' worth of fencing around homes, offices, and military bases. Its president and one of its Southern California managers will pay fines totaling $300,000. The government is also recommending jail time for Melvin Kay and Michael McLaughlin, probably about six months.

It is exceptionally rare for those who employ illegal immigrants to face any kind of criminal prosecution, let alone jail time. Earlier this week, for example, immigration raids on six meat-packing plants netted almost 1,300 suspected illegal workers. But no charges were leveled against the company that runs the plants: Swift.

Golden State Fence's attorney, Richard Hirsch, admits his client broke the law. But he says the case proves that construction companies need a guest-worker program.

I have two games to watch tonight. 2 Ivy league pukes and Tech vs. the Flickertails. Think I'll watch Tech dismantle the green menace! Then hop on and read the whining.

Computer $800

32" flat panel $700

Internet connection $49

Watching the SUE choke, priceless!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why yes....

"I hope you all are happy," he said matter-of-factly to Reitter's family after the guilty verdicts were read and as deputies escorted him from the courtroom.

....Yes we are happy. Enjoy the view. I picked that pic especially for you!

The cold blooded killer from Block E gets life plus 15 years. In this FishWrapper West article Yolanda (the murderers mom), defended her son by saying "He's not a menace to society," as her son bowed his head. "It was self-defense. Unintentional."

What self respecting person walks around with a .357 at the movie theater? I bet he didn't have a conceal/carry permit either. They tried to use the defense that he was in a fight with the guy and was scared. If he was scared why was he chasing the person he was affraid of? He was chasing him going to do what? Not shoot him? Come on! So he just starts blasting in public? What a coward.

Voss his attorney stated, "He wasn't looking for trouble," He made a rash, impulsive decision. He didn't point that gun at Alan Reitter."

Ummm... excuse me NOT looking for trouble! First he gets into a fight in the movie theater. Then he's carrying one of the most powerful hand guns around. Nah....he's not looking for trouble is he? They portray him as a hard working contributer to society. He helped build a house for AmeriCorps and enrolled in Junior College but never attended. What a contribution!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

312pb replica

OK if you don't find THIS amazing your a TARD! It took the guy 15 years to build the 1/3 scale car. Wait until you hear it run!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Report Card Time.

As the Goof's head to the holiday break I will give you my Report Card on their first semester in the 06-07 adventure.

Offense: A-

This has been a pleasant surprise considering the MAJOR off season losses at forward and scoring pop! My initial fear was lack of hard work and creativity. Boy I could not have been farther then the truth. The Frosh crew has shown work ethic and creative play. At times they try to make the perfect play/pass instead of shooting. It seems to be a problem with Lucia teams though. He teaches control and patience.

Defense: B-

When this team decides to show two way hockey they can be hard to defeat. The weak point as I see it is the lack of the wingers coming back into the defensive zone/mode to assist the D in corners. Once the opposing team starts to cycle the puck, the wingers forget to pick up a man and stick to them. The young core still makes poor decisions in the D zone and neutral zone. At times they are to focused on the "money" pass out of the zone. Some make it , some don't. Can be a real problem come tourney time and single elimination.

Goalies: A

Both are playing well but have had a lot of goals to support the effort. This has been the best crew in a while. Being a fan of this team you tend to overlook the netminders and heap a ton a blame on them for a loss/tie. They will continue to improve. I like the competition that is mounting between the two! Only can add to the fire.

Coaching: A+

After the constant drum of scandal and shit from last year it is nice to see the staff clamping down. This is the only team at the U that punishes their player(minus last year) for bad grades and general AHOLE behavior. Maroosh was rolling in his grave last year. My hat is off to the staff for having the chounies to sit the leading scorer and hot goalie for being durds! Pull your heads out boys!

Special Teams: A+ Humfffff.... You look up the stats! Nuf said!

And finally my Christmas wish. Please Santa make this team stay together another year. I know I asked for the Xbox 360 but scratch that. I want the NHL to stay away for one more year. I believe, I believe. I do I do I do!

Since the "perfect" team will be off for a few days I will bore you with house and holiday stuff. Stay tuned.

Gee can I watch the battle of the cellar dwellers this weekend? (checks TV schedule) NOPE! Not on! Guess I'll be relegated to USCHO for the ubber whine fest. Maybe they should trade coaches. Yeah it's the coaches, no wait it's the arena, no wait it's the talent, nah BSU has had success can't be any of them. Hummm....what's left?

Oh well Hockey Least has a few games on! Or I can watch the last 12 Goof games again. Nah, that's to easy. I think I'll just watch the Michigan game OVER AND OVER!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

What HIM say?

Another post by the racist, real estate magnet here.
Go Go Gophers watch em GO GO GO! LOL
Bugga wabbuu tubba! What him say?


As a matter of fact, F MTU! SWEEP! Just got home. Arizona is/was beautiful. Except for the smog cloud that hangs over the city.

Was there ANY doubt about the outcome? I think I posted this: "tUPPERpoodle's get SWEPT this weekend. 4-0, 5-1!" The defensive specialists at MTU didn't seem to hold on. I shall diminish to the basement and watch the games.

In Junior College action. fUMD got SWEPT by the Beav's. Hummmmmm....seems that the Northern boys have been schooling the WCHA bottom feeders. Let's hope the Goof's don't get them in the 1st round of the BIG show!

DaLandcows managed 1pt. in Denver. Surprising, the way they played last weekend I figured sweep. NOT! Can't get up for every game I guess.

The Flickertails get swept at home AGAIN! Man Sconi is a power house. WTF is happening at Mecca West? Curse of the Hockey Gods I think! Maybe they should switch their colors to purple and white ala Holy Cross and become the "Banshees" That's not offensive is it? Oh wait, it was the ref's fault. I forgot, please excuse me.

Yourhety deejuutr woppppummm!
What him say? Hows the bottom of the league treating ya?

There is a really good line in American Beauty. It's the line where the HOT cheerleader get's challenged by the book worm girl about her modeling "experiences". You know her response right? MULVA?

Another bleeding heart spewing rubbish. Ahhhh...... the beauty of the web.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In my absence I leave you this!

and now for something completely different.......

I'm sick of reading about teams (read Landcows, St.Clown and now MTU) and their "blue collar" labeling of them selves. I take it by doing this, they are some how saying they work harder for what they get? They work harder because they have less talent. They work harder because they are playing the DUKE of basketball, the MICHIGAN of football when Minny comes to town. It's easy to get up for 1 series. Try it week in and week out. Most of you clowns don't get a chance to watch your team play EVERY week as us Goofer fans do. Look at last weekend when the Jr. College made the Goofs play to their level. Old time "cheap and dirty" WCHA (Western Clutch and Hold Asssociation) hockey.

Took 3 of 4 and beat them in their house! The WCHA, while still strong, is mediocre at best compared to years past. That's why there is parity in the league this year.

Alaska St. sweeping Suze???? Blasphemy!
St.Clown in 2nd. WTF!
tUPPERpoodles with more wins then all of last year?(almost) The sky is falling.....

Minny ahead of the pack again... no we expect it. Like a "blue collar" worker gets up and does his job EVERY day. Week in, week out!

Here is an article about our following of this team. The blurb while nice does not make the statement. The fact that the Fishwrapper West put it on the front page of the sports section is more amazing. For a team with so much consistent success there still remains little written about them and coverage in the media. Except when they find out a GASP..........under age college kid has been drinking in a bar GASP! AT least 4-6 of our players have not been accused of GANG RAPE or running down some guy and his GF with his car.

Maybe it is arrogance. I don't know. If supporting a winner in one of the most demanding sports in one of the best leagues in the nation makes me arrogant, then so be it. Just don't call me blue collar. I work hard because it's the right thing to do!

POI will be well represented in the World's this year. 5 pucksters have been chosen.
Forwards Ryan Stoa, Mike Carman and Kyle Okposo, defenseman Erik Johnson and goaltender Jeff Frazee.

More then likely these five will miss the series with pesky Landcows on the 6th and 7th of January when the return to WCHA action.

Oh in case you missed Okposo's goal last week, here it is!

tUPPERpoodle's get SWEPT this weekend. 4-0, 5-1!

I'll catch you all on Sunday when I return from warm and Sunny Arizona!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Missed Out

I missed the Goof game last night. Instead of vegging on the couch, I went to the Cabooze and saw Joe Banomassa. He is a GOD! I have seen Eddie, SRV, Thorogood and Vai. He pwns them all!!!!!

He played a set on a guitar and made it sound like a cello! AMAZING!

In other news... The purchase agreement is in. Burnsville. 4BR, 3 bath 3000 Sq.Ft. Fingers crossed

As for the Saturday game. Well I saw Okposo make a fool out of the Mav's goalie and that's about it. Retiring to the basement to watch the game tonight. 2-1 hummm...... Sound likes the ref's called it tight to the vest. We'll see.

Anyways, NEXT victim please.

Friday, December 01, 2006

If the skirt fits...

What A bunch of HACKS! True Jutting Hockey.

Can'tbeat'em....(read skate with them) hack, hold and slash them. The 1st period showed the lack of D for the U.
The 2nd period showed lack of CLASS by the JR. college. They showed "Whiner" bitching after "the mauling", pointing to the locker room. I'm sure he was pissing and moaning, "my goalie got cut" too bad your goons pushed him into the goalie.
Reminds me of my hockey days, the talentless hacks always played dirty. It was the only way to keep pace. Amazing what a punch in the face in the warming house did though. TUTU?

Just goes to show you, the perpetual bottom feeders want to be GOPHERS. Too bad you can't PLAY like Gophers! No CLASS. Effort is there but the talent is not, hence the goonery!

The third showed the lack of GRIT. The D just shows up and then goes away. WTF! How can they maul Michigan and then TIE these JR college hacks? They run Briggs. Why can't they get up for that?

Same way HC beat them last year. Too many primadonna's? Better then being shitty every year and hoping for that one (ALA St.Clown) year they make the show. daMavs are in for another LOOOONNNNGGG season. This is THEIR highlight for the year! Hey they're on TV!

Ohhhh... the pain of Gopher Hockey...