Sunday, January 28, 2007


Did anybody get the number of that bus? POI get smacked down Saturday night by the flickertails. Here they go again. Who? Glad you asked. Both of them. Goof's MAY be starting the el'foldo. Suze surging. Nah. First sweep all year. No panic. It may be at the hands of NorthDakanada but it may, may be a catalyst. For who?

Goon's gang will get a boost from this one. The fact remains they are still a .500 team and on the bubble. Although I missed most of the game you could tell how it was going to turn out. How long will it take Frazee to get over THAT goal? HUMFFFF???

Meanwhile the No.1 curse is gone. Now to pull the heads out and get back to work. D has been less then stellar. Saw a lot of standing around and watching. AGAIN. On to Alaska St. No TV from the tundra. A week off and then to CC.

St.Clown splits with DU. They are both in striking distance. The end is a LOOOONNGGG way away. How good are they? We'll have to wait and see.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ah shucks

This is the beginning of the end....

and still teetering.

10 minutes of hockey WILL NOT beat SUZE!

It was ALL the Ref's fault. NOT! They stood around in front watching the SUE dig! HIT SOMEBODY! They came out right and lost the drive. SUZE earned this victory. A victory in our house. Now we know how Holy Cross's cheer section feels this year. Losing at home SUCKS! Can they rebound? Can they hold their ground Saturday? Can SOMEBODY score?

The power play went limp since "net crasher" got booted from the team.

Well earned, well played and we'll see you tomorrow night!

Brooms and Shovels

The Goof's have an opportunity to deliver SUZE and the Holy Cross cheering section another punch to the gut this weekend. They have managed to crawl back into the Pairwise hunt with their recent win
streak (read: cupcake round of their schedule)

My keys to a Goof sweep. Fast start. A goal in the first 3-4 minutes. Shadow the Super Soph's. Put checkers out there against them and follow them where ever they roam. Number 3-4 lines need to come up big this weekend.

Suze will be fired up no doubt a bought it. DU was fired up also but DU is a better coached team with more talent throughout the lineup.

I just realized that MY biggest perceived rival for Goof hockey is SUZE. You can thank J.P. at the X for me hating them even more. I used to appreciate the fact the you were a NorthStar great. The POS actually had the gall to turn around and tell me to quit talking about his kid(in the nets) like that! My response, "mind your own business, I PAID for my tickets!" The 2 SUZE fans next to me(50-60ish) looked at me and said, "he's(JP) an asshole, ignore him" I just about pissed myself!

Was that my brush with fame?

Now, the ONLY other series that matters in the WCHA. St.Clown takes on DU. This is going to be a HELLOFA series. The Stearns County homo's have been tearing through teams. Having witnessed them live at Mecca earlier this year they can only have improved. DU is a smart and tenacious team. If St.Clown thinks they can push them around they are in for a surprise. Two ties are in order here.

On DirecTV tonight:

Flickertails vs. Goof's 7:05 641
BC vs. BU 7:30 623
St.Clown vs. DU 7:35 645
Michigan vs. Ferris 7:35 610

Monday, January 22, 2007

Pesky Pioneers and SUZE!

What a feisty series that was. Couple of things, why wasn't DU's goalie called for the obvious dive? The Goof player clearly "whiffed" as tDon called it. Why did the Goof player getting punched (not throwing punches) get a fighting penalty? Anyhoo, a split is OK! Friday night did not go well for the POI. I counted three that clanked off the post. Puck Luck!

Suze makes an appearance at Mecca this weekend. Having a 6-1-1 record in their last 8 they seem to be on a roll. But wait! In games that mean ANYTHING they are 2-1-1. The other four wins were against junk teams. Lost to CC and tied Alaska State.

They are a one line wonder of a team. No depth. Terrible D and suspect netminders. But of course they will be jacked up for the series and will play hard as they always do against us.

Over at they are reliving past goals and games from their distant past. I think this is to hide their obvious fear and realization that they will be heading north with their tails between their "flickertail" legs after the Goofs put a shellacking on Nazi-boys gang. The tools are getting their HC jerseys all washed up at the local "Suds and Puds" and will be out in force this weekend.

This is a HUGE weekend in the WCHA. The braves head to Mecca and St.Clown heads to the arena of fading light at DU. Time to bitch slap Suze by sweeping them out of here and hoping that the series out west ends with 2 ties and a shit load of fighting penalties.

Oh, it's the HOME OF THE BRAVE! not braves. Class!

Sorry for the lack of content of late, still trying to settle in.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm Back!!!!

Thank GOD that's over! The coldest frickin weekend of the year we move. Well, at least we missed the snow.

It was rather uneventful. The only snafu was my brother backing over my NEW neighbors mailbox post and snapping it off at the base. His wife was pissed but when I introduced myself to him and explain what happened all he said was, "yeah it looked a little lower".

We went out today and spent some money. King size bed, headboard and foot board, china cabinet, wine rack/server and chair for LB's playroom. Half way to 6K budget! Living room left to furnish and hopefully some left over for couch in the "manhole".

The weekend was without any hockey. No practice for LB, no Goof's for Daddy. BADgers hand the POI their first loss since their first game at the X. Goof's salvage a split and take the series 3-1 this year. Looking ahead. DU heads to Mecca for "Hockey Day In Minnesota" My alma mater is in BAHHHDET for a game on the bay. The Goof's host DU, then the Wild are in action. Not to mention a bunch of specials on in between.

Wood will burn, Windsor will flow and the new home will be enjoyed. I'll be here all week.

Monday, January 08, 2007

On (to) Wisconsin!


Not what you call a typical win, but a win none the less! Not only a win, but a PREDICTED sweep of "whiners" Land Cows. Not typical because both teams looked tired and uninspired. I will say that the Jr. College carried most of the play. The were beating people to the puck and generally out working the POI. But in the end, talent (read:puck luck)was the cure. Enough about them.

Now for a real challenge. The BADgers in MadTown. I watched both games against DU. I was really impressed by DU but that is two weekends away. Back to TNSoH. They continue to under achieve in my opinion. Friday they were lazy and missed a few chances. Saturday they looked like last years team and Elliot(t) looked stellar. This will be the weekend the streak stops. I know,I know but hey the 94E boyz will be jacked up for this one. Rest is in order this week I guess for tDons troops. Light practice week to get their legs back.

The packaging of the house is about 85% done. Thursday is pre-signing and final walk through @ 2908. LB will be heading to Willmar for the weekend. He's out of our hair during the move. Friday is closing at 10 and 12 respectively. Get the truck and start hauling shit over. Boat, sleds and car Friday night. Along with emptying the storage locker and dropping it off. We met the NEW owners of our house last night. Very nice young couple that both work at Mystic. Their lil guy is cute as a bug! I hope they enjoy my house. Boy, hard to believe that after 40 years our family will not reside in that house. Not sure how I'm going to feel come Sunday when I walk out of there for the last time?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Great 8!

Talent overcomes all. With 8 forwards the Goof's CRUSH the Landcows. 28 pct. of the POI's offense is somewhere over the ocean on it's way home and they still manage to whoop ass. GRIT!

Is this squad for real? What effort by the Goof's. Or lack there of by Jutting's Rejects. They came out in the first 5 and started hitting and setting the tempo. Tempo means zip if the skill is not there.

What would Morin be doing if he donned the M? He'll never know! What a waste of talent.

5 Hole BABY!!!! Get the brooms out!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where's the beef?

"Oh my gosh, I think he put the puck between his skates!"

The Mighty Mankato Land Cows come into the weekend having just manhandled the cake eaters from out east. They DOMINATED Yale (cough) and got pwned by Princeton. Princeton? C'mon. Meanwhile the POI took the Cupcake Cup over the weekend. Still MIA are the 5 Goof's who are representing their country in the World Jr tourney. The 5 are not expected back until Sunday's game, yes Sunday's game at Mecca. Savvy scheduling tDon!

Mankato comes in with a 6-12-3 overall record, good enough for 9th in the WCHA. They are down there keeping the likes of the Flickertails and BADgers company. This will be their highlight weekend. The game Friday night should be a wild one in CowLand. After coming ohhhhh so close to beating the Goof's in December look for a lil fire from "Whiners" boys. Just watch this guys expressions on the bench ANYTIME a penalty is called. It's funny!

The Landcows could not have had a better time to play us. 5 gone @ the Jrs. and our resident head case dismissed last week. Still talent will play a role here. Some will say that Mankato is a team that just has not had the breaks. Bullshit! The need to beat the likes of Lethbridge, Princeton and BURRmidji to be considered a threat. Yes, they may sneak one by this weekend but 1 win does not a season make. If the season were to end today they would travel to DU and get mopped up!

Prediction: 5-4 Goof's! 6-2 Goof's! SWEEP!

Last post until the move is complete and DSL is re-established. Ahwwwwww...