Friday, December 15, 2006

The geriatric state

Did they just kill Morgan? Can't this state get ANYTHING right? The NEXT BUSH halted further death sentences after a "botched" execution. This follows a California hold on executions because Jeremy(US District Judge) said that the 3 cocktail injection was so "painful" that it "OFFENDS" the 8th Amendment. The "judge" has halted the execution of convicted rapist and murderer Michael Morales because he deems the execution as cruel and unusual. HUH?

You raped and killed someone! That's pretty cruel and unusual in MY book.

The report says that 1 execution took 34 minutes! WOW! I wonder how long the victims suffered before their murder? They spend 15 years appeal after appeal, with 3 hots and a cot at OUR expense before the "big day" and then say they suffered. So. Did your victim have 15 years?

The Russian justice system deals with this in a MUCH different way. Convicted of murder?

Escorted Out back.


One bullet to the back of the head.


At least they have one thing right.

Oh, and for you bleeding hearts out (up north) there, I give you the FOG HORN! Oh the life in Liberal Lakes! You are blessed. Jeb in 08!

OBTW a lil hood update. 1 man killed 7 blocks away Monday(knife still stuck in neck when found) and a drive by Tuesday afternoon! Ah diversity!

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