Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Dead then RED. The war mongers are on their way out.

Can this country become what the world once thought we were again? Time will tell. Hope temporarily replaces fear and despair. It is going to take 4 years to un-F**K what "W" has done to this country both global and domestic.

So what's up with the "red" stripe down the middle? Our friends to the west and then (directly) "SOUTH" must have been doing really well the last 6 years. Maybe we have a new LOGO for itsalltherefsfault loyal? This one is a bit better the RALPH's Vegas Party logo.

Don't Ya think so, pitbull with lip stick?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Season...

Well we are 4 games into the 08-09 WCHA season. A sweep over JBSU and 3 out of 4 against the Red Menace. Have they been tested? YUP. Have they delivered. YUP. Will it continue?
With all the frosh's on the team, time will tell.

This weekend brings us to St.Paul and the "charity hockey showcase". It is so named by this rube because of the pissing and moaning by those who root for the landcows.

Do you understand this is a financial windfall for your JR college? What is the capacity of your arena? Do the math.

On to northdacanada. Hummmmm... when will the fire Hakstol posts start over at itsalltherefsfault.com show up? Seeing what BU did to Red's boy's, the 5-1 drubbing the SUE took may be a sign of HockeyLeasts resurgence.
UNH has me re-thinking that after watching them last Sunday.

MY WTF moment:

WTF happened to CSTV? Yeah I know what happened, but WHY? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Time for the "Big Ten" Hockey Conference!!!!
MSU, ND, tUMD and JBSU could round out the CHA nicely.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008



I can't believe it has been this long since I posted anything. Not that you care but here is the reason...

A real freakin WINTER finally. Ice is decent. Snow is bountiful. Sled is running awesome and the shack is gettin used.

So how bout them Gophers. So much for a second half run. Lost to RIT. Tied the Fly Boys. Now the mighty Wayne State comes to town. They will look mighty against this Goof team. I see a long two months ahead. Real action starts next weekend. St.Clown Home and Home.

Sub .500 finish the rest of the way and fighting for home ice in the playoffs. The WCHA is down. tUMD in 3rd with a 5-6 record? Yikes.

In general this team is just not clicking. Not many bounces are going their way. Missed passes, sloppy D and suspect netminding. There seems to be little drive in this team.

Oh, did you hear Okposo left? That is a dead horse I'll leave alone. They had him for 11 games more then I though after last season. Not much of a loss considering his output. Good luck in the minors.

Did you catch the New Years day NHL game? Man that was cool. What a setting for a pro game. I normally don't follow the pro's that much, but that was a lot of fun to watch. Thank god we have a real winter. I helps to ease the pain.

The sky is falling.

Monday, November 05, 2007

No, the sky is not falling

The boys in Maroon and Gold are. They have fallen to the cellar of the WCHA. The WCHA is a tough league. You are not going to win many games scoring 1 goal. I'm not used to watching a Gopher team make so many bad passes, blind passes and my ever favorite, drop pass. They just seem to be missing the edge. Okposo looks confused and off balance. Last year he seemed all most impossible to take down or out of the play. This year one bump and "whoop" there goes the puck.

You can really see the D core getting way more work then needed. I think they missed 4 empty nets. EMPTY. You need to bury those when you can. 4GF and 14GA. Yikes!

0-4. Wow. Maybe this weekends tilt against the Landcows will pump some confidence into them. Pummeling a constant bottom dweller may well be what the doctor ordered. Then again, if they only get 1 goal they will lose!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Not that anybody cares much but I have been tied up in life and not much time for anything else. Finishing garage, cleaning gutters and all the horse crap.

I did catch the OSU tilt last night. For two periods the Goof's stuck it to the Buckeyes. But hockey has three periods. The third they looked like they were just hanging on and watching. Although Frazee was not really challenged for a good part of the game he seems more "settled" this year. Staying in the nets and not trying to make over the top plays away from the crease.

It is going to take a while for this team to mesh. The theme last night was "keep it simple" I hope this is in reference to all the behind the back and drop passes they have been doing. Okposo looks lost out there so far. Not sure if opponents are keying on him but he just has not shown any flash this season. I know it's early but he needs to wake up, as well as Barribal, if the Goof's have any chance at a title run.

In "other news" it seems as thought Suze is about to lose their name. This report on SUESports.com says that there may be a settlement in the case with the NC$$. Posters on italltherefsfault.com are slowly coming to grips with the fact that the name is going BYE-BYE. What will happen to the ralph? What will happen to all the Indian Heads that adorn the Reichstag? We have three short year to wait and find out.

Here is a interesting article about the NorthdaCanada. What's up with that FUGLY logo on SS.com? It's TM'd so I'm not going to post it.

I will be watching with interest the CC-UNH series. CC looked hungry last weekend. Although the games were close score wise, CC seemed to out hustle the boys for most of both games. It's early and CC should make some waves this year. So when the Pairwise(way to early in the season to bring up that word) comes out it should not hurt. The next two series will show what they are made of. At UNH and then to the ralph for two.