Friday, December 29, 2006

Cupcake Holiday Classic

Every year, at this time of the year, the POI host a few Eastern Powers. They have the pleasure of hosting Alabama-Huntsville?, Umass, and Ferris State. Not really Eastern but hey get the shots in when I can! Traditionally the U has a few (5 this year) boys at the WJT. Most of the other powers in college hockey host their own tourneys so a few pansies get lured in. This year is no exception.

UAH comes to Mecca with a 5-12-1 record 58 GF, 81 GA. This should be a breeze even with the WJT MIA's. The POI have skated 3 times in 2 weeks and may be a bit rusty. Look for a slow start and then a blitz.

In the first tilt today Umass and Ferris St. hit the sheet. Umass has a 8-5-2 record. Ferris has a dismal 4-11-2 record.

Look for UMA to shut down FSU. Mass has a pretty good goals against of 2.4.

No TV tonight due to the InSight bowl! Wahoo. It's even tape delayed on CCO. WTF!

There is a net cast available via ESPN South. Cue the theme from Deliverance! Bubba and Buford with the play by play at 7:07 PM CST. I think I'll pass. Instead I'll opt for TECH vs. Michigan and HAWHVARD vs. Mich.St on FOX Detroit. Better yet maybe I'll start packing for the move.....HUMMMM.... Couch vs. packing? Couch any day.

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