Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Season...

Well we are 4 games into the 08-09 WCHA season. A sweep over JBSU and 3 out of 4 against the Red Menace. Have they been tested? YUP. Have they delivered. YUP. Will it continue?
With all the frosh's on the team, time will tell.

This weekend brings us to St.Paul and the "charity hockey showcase". It is so named by this rube because of the pissing and moaning by those who root for the landcows.

Do you understand this is a financial windfall for your JR college? What is the capacity of your arena? Do the math.

On to northdacanada. Hummmmm... when will the fire Hakstol posts start over at show up? Seeing what BU did to Red's boy's, the 5-1 drubbing the SUE took may be a sign of HockeyLeasts resurgence.
UNH has me re-thinking that after watching them last Sunday.

MY WTF moment:

WTF happened to CSTV? Yeah I know what happened, but WHY? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Time for the "Big Ten" Hockey Conference!!!!
MSU, ND, tUMD and JBSU could round out the CHA nicely.