Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

This one gets filed under WTF!

They caught the gutless C*NT who shot 24 year old Pedro Marcelino Simon. Simon had recently left the Mexican army and moved to Minny to get work and support his mother back in Mexico.

Police say that Jorge A. Quijada, felt "disrespected" because Pedro laughed at the gang signs the "C*NT" was flashing as they drove up 94.

Pedro made 1 mistake, paying attention to this boil on the ass of humanity. What prompted the shooting? I can only speculate that they rolled up on him saw he was the same nationality, did their gay little flashy thing and when he laughed at them BANG, BANG yer dead!

Makes you think the next time you get cut off on the highway doesn't it? Keep your finger down and smile! No wait don't smile or laugh!

Do ya think Cost Cutter did that doo? Oh the circular swirl down the drain the country is taking!
Merry Christmas.

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