Saturday, February 24, 2007


Beat the traffic! Man, what a downer of a game. 5-3 JBSU sweeps the Goof's. Talk about losing your steam heading into the playoffs.

Did anybody else notice Goepfart's studdering? Two night in a row on the same statement. "Wewewewewewewewe......." (cluck to the head) "played well..." LOL!

Do you think his major is Communication? We know it's not engineering!

Huck The Fuskies. Times 2. DaUppers hit Murderapolis next week. Oh no, The DQ cup is slipping away. Their in, who cares!

Friday, February 23, 2007

They did it....

The ref's totally controlled this game from the get go. Bunk calls and false offsides. Shepard needs to be retired. He FUCKING kicked the puck in!

Oh wake up!

Been spending to much time lurking on


Or, One and done.

Or, 0'fer.

It's GREAT to be a Goof fan! How many cups does St.Cown have in their case?
"Hey, celebrate good times... C'mon..." LOL!

BassAckwards Country F's!

wahwahwahwahwatttt.... no wonder he got booted from the Eastern school district. What a DUMB FUCK!

5-1. Got out hustled. Plain and simple.

Hey dude behind Wooger, Do a few more push aways.


Monday, February 19, 2007

After the break

So after a week off that saw the POI off the ice for five days (at tDon's orders). They return from that little private school with a sweep in hand. Hard to believe it has been that long since the Goof's swept a season series from CC! This should be a momentum builder heading to a home-home series with St.Clown. The BADgers all but ended Bobby's bid for the cup. MulletU leaves madtown with one stinking point.

Other action saw the 2006-2007 D1 champs,(as already crowned by their moody fan base) the university of racist nickname, held on against fUMD for a tie and a sweep. They head to DU for a HUGE series. Huge because they can, with a little help and a sweep of DU, take over third place in the WCHA. Not only would they avoid the play-in game, but they would all but lock up a ticket to the big show. They close out with St.Clown.

As it stands now the would host the BADgers in the playoffs!

Speaking of fUMD, they host Alaska St. in a battle for who gets to visit DinkyTown in the first round. fUMD is 2 points behind them.

More on the series with MulletU later...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Off to Mighty Tigger's House

The two worst hairdo's in college hockey go "head to head" this weekend. The Goof's take a 4 point WCHA lead to the Rockies and hope to come home with that lead. Earlier in the year the Goof's steamrolled CC at Mecca. CC sits 4th in the conference and will be playing to stay there. The will also have a chip on their shoulders from way back in October.

A POI sweep would really hurt CC and push them closer to that thang we call the bubble. A CC sweep would help their Pairwise rank a LOT!

The U is 4-4 in their last 8. CC is 3-3-2. (excludes the U18 game) CC has faced fUMD, Tech, BADgers and StClown.

The U has faced BADgers, DU, Flickertails and Alaska St. Let's hope the week off gave them a rest from competition and that tDon worked their ASSES off in practice for this important series (actually next two series)

POI get a few injured players back and should be at full bench strength this weekend. The netminders need to play HUGE this weekend and steal one. Friday night will tell the tale of the next few weeks. Can they get back to their solid D play and scoring punch? Let's practice on CC this weekend. Bobby's boys are next and will be ready.

POI gets 3 of 4 this weekend.

I hate rooting for TNSoH but this weekend we need the BADgers to show up for once and play like the defending champion. I doubt it will happen. St.Clown just has the talent over Bucky. 2-2 Friday, 4-1 Saturday. St.Clown takes 3 of 4.

DU is off this weekend and finishes with NorthDakanada and CC. Speaking of ND. They host the bottom feeders we call fUMD. Suzie sweeps and their fans start to believe. NO 8, NO 8 NO 8!

In other "tribal" news, the Red Lake band has pulled another "get off my land whitey". Not only have the tax payers of this state revived a lake that they OVER FISHED TO EXTINCTION. Began commercial fishing AGAIN. Now they decided that snowmobiler's can not use the trails that cut across their land and have closed nearly 10 miles of trails in and around Lake of the Woods and Red Lake. Take that! Meanwhile all you fools continue to pump money into their casinos and eat walleye fingers! When will the people of this state wake up and make a stand? When our hairless Gov and legislature decide to. They tried once, and the war party came a runnin!

Boycott the casino's, stop eating walleye in the restaurants and for god sakes avoid Red Lake!

How about we ban tribal members from using our "sovereign" highways and roads? Hey how about a "Nation" tax? If a nation wants to use our roads, let'em pay! Lord knows they have enough money that the blue hairs pump into the casino's every day. Make you own way like the rest of us. Quit playing the race card. What happened to your people happened a LOOOOONNNGGGGGGG time ago! WE DO NOT OWE YOU A THING!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How do I survive...

Without hockey? Easy. I head to USCHO and read the so called rubes exchanging barbs and trying to be OH SO CLEVER. Do the people work? Do they even have lives? One can only wonder.

For a chuckle you can go to and read about the ongoing BINAgate debate. They are still saying it is not a big deal. Well, folks it is. He was still on probation for his last incident. Which I believe was alcohol/driving related. Now he has the audacity to open a squad up and free his fellow Canucks? I think that check did more to his head the previously thought.

CHN has a head line today. No.1? NotreDame No.1 ROFLMAF! You all know what matters. Pairwise that's it. NotreDame is fourth.

Now to the weekend without. Best match up. Holy Cross at Canisius. Look for the Crusad......errrr wait. I let SUZE follow HC!

St.Clown vs. CC. This should be a really good series. Bobby's clowns have been playing good hockey but still remain 7 points behind the POI in the WCHA race. To bad there is no coverage of the game with the exception of Stearns Co. Look for CC to take 2 out of the Nat'l. Cement Center.

In less then trilling action. The Landcows look to rebound against a surging NorthDakanda squad. They played WAY back in October when the SUE sucked worse and managed to sweep em. SUZE gets 4. Jutting's on his way out after the playoffs. Just think about it. You won't have to watch his whiny "oh my god I can't believe they called a penalty on us" look any more. Nor will opposing teams have to put up with his style of slash, hack, hold and grab hockey.

The only other game of note that's on TV is UNO vs. DRUM ROLL PLEASE......

NUMBER 1 NotreDame!!

News from UNO ala BINAgate. 2 UNO player were suspended from the team for the remainder of the season. Public Drunkeness was the charge. Senior Bobby Henderson, 24, and sophomore Adam Bartholomay, 23.

This shows you the state of sports in this country when a lowly Junior College player comments and I quote: "I am a hockey player. I'll get out of this." He then added, "I know my rights. I am a criminal justice major." Another one that is a legend in his own mind.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Boys, The Drunks, The Oshie(and Toews)

Three players may face charges

Two UND men's hockey players were cited for being minors in a bar and another player could be charged with obstructing a police officer, WDAZ-TV reported Wednesday.

Sophomore forwards Jonathan Toews and T.J. Oshie received citations for being at Judy's Tavern in Grand Forks on Sunday night. Junior defenseman Robbie Bina, who is 24 years old, may face charges of obstructing a police officer.

UND coach Dave Hakstol did not comment on the incident and said it would be handled internally. Police are examining whether Judy's will face any charges.

W.W.O.D. What Would Oshie Drink

But it is OK. On with the "green goggles" again. Remember the whole Blarney's/FOX9 thing? If you are a SUZE fan you do. You had your fun. Now it's our turn.

Not only have these two been sighted for under age drinking (under age in a bar?), 24 YO Robbie Bina has been sighted with obstructing a police officer. The conversation probably went as follows:

Cop-"Step aside and let me handle this."
Bina- "They are just a little drunk leave them alone, don't you KNOW who they are?
Cop- "Nope"
Bina-"They are North Dakota's most famous sports stars"
Cop- "Is that so?"
Bina- "Yes and WE just swept the Gophers!"
Cop- "SO?"
Bina- "So? So you need to let us go"
Cop- "Why?
Bina- "Because we are the only game in the state"

Cop shoves Oshie into squad car.

Bina- "Stop that bitch"
Cop- "BITCH?"
Bina- "Yeah, do you know who owns the team?"
Cop- "OWNS? It's a college team, nobody owns them."
Bina- "You had better watch it or Ralph's "crew" will come looking for you"

Second cop shove Toews into squad.

Bina- "Who ratted us out?"
Cop- "Anonymous call from somewhere in DinkyTown on the UofM campus"

Let's all follow the growing "it's OK, they are just kids" thread over at

Oh the hypocrisy!