Wednesday, December 06, 2006

and now for something completely different.......

I'm sick of reading about teams (read Landcows, St.Clown and now MTU) and their "blue collar" labeling of them selves. I take it by doing this, they are some how saying they work harder for what they get? They work harder because they have less talent. They work harder because they are playing the DUKE of basketball, the MICHIGAN of football when Minny comes to town. It's easy to get up for 1 series. Try it week in and week out. Most of you clowns don't get a chance to watch your team play EVERY week as us Goofer fans do. Look at last weekend when the Jr. College made the Goofs play to their level. Old time "cheap and dirty" WCHA (Western Clutch and Hold Asssociation) hockey.

Took 3 of 4 and beat them in their house! The WCHA, while still strong, is mediocre at best compared to years past. That's why there is parity in the league this year.

Alaska St. sweeping Suze???? Blasphemy!
St.Clown in 2nd. WTF!
tUPPERpoodles with more wins then all of last year?(almost) The sky is falling.....

Minny ahead of the pack again... no we expect it. Like a "blue collar" worker gets up and does his job EVERY day. Week in, week out!

Here is an article about our following of this team. The blurb while nice does not make the statement. The fact that the Fishwrapper West put it on the front page of the sports section is more amazing. For a team with so much consistent success there still remains little written about them and coverage in the media. Except when they find out a GASP..........under age college kid has been drinking in a bar GASP! AT least 4-6 of our players have not been accused of GANG RAPE or running down some guy and his GF with his car.

Maybe it is arrogance. I don't know. If supporting a winner in one of the most demanding sports in one of the best leagues in the nation makes me arrogant, then so be it. Just don't call me blue collar. I work hard because it's the right thing to do!

POI will be well represented in the World's this year. 5 pucksters have been chosen.
Forwards Ryan Stoa, Mike Carman and Kyle Okposo, defenseman Erik Johnson and goaltender Jeff Frazee.

More then likely these five will miss the series with pesky Landcows on the 6th and 7th of January when the return to WCHA action.

Oh in case you missed Okposo's goal last week, here it is!

tUPPERpoodle's get SWEPT this weekend. 4-0, 5-1!

I'll catch you all on Sunday when I return from warm and Sunny Arizona!!!

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