Friday, December 01, 2006

If the skirt fits...

What A bunch of HACKS! True Jutting Hockey.

Can'tbeat'em....(read skate with them) hack, hold and slash them. The 1st period showed the lack of D for the U.
The 2nd period showed lack of CLASS by the JR. college. They showed "Whiner" bitching after "the mauling", pointing to the locker room. I'm sure he was pissing and moaning, "my goalie got cut" too bad your goons pushed him into the goalie.
Reminds me of my hockey days, the talentless hacks always played dirty. It was the only way to keep pace. Amazing what a punch in the face in the warming house did though. TUTU?

Just goes to show you, the perpetual bottom feeders want to be GOPHERS. Too bad you can't PLAY like Gophers! No CLASS. Effort is there but the talent is not, hence the goonery!

The third showed the lack of GRIT. The D just shows up and then goes away. WTF! How can they maul Michigan and then TIE these JR college hacks? They run Briggs. Why can't they get up for that?

Same way HC beat them last year. Too many primadonna's? Better then being shitty every year and hoping for that one (ALA St.Clown) year they make the show. daMavs are in for another LOOOONNNNGGG season. This is THEIR highlight for the year! Hey they're on TV!

Ohhhh... the pain of Gopher Hockey...

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