Monday, December 11, 2006

Report Card Time.

As the Goof's head to the holiday break I will give you my Report Card on their first semester in the 06-07 adventure.

Offense: A-

This has been a pleasant surprise considering the MAJOR off season losses at forward and scoring pop! My initial fear was lack of hard work and creativity. Boy I could not have been farther then the truth. The Frosh crew has shown work ethic and creative play. At times they try to make the perfect play/pass instead of shooting. It seems to be a problem with Lucia teams though. He teaches control and patience.

Defense: B-

When this team decides to show two way hockey they can be hard to defeat. The weak point as I see it is the lack of the wingers coming back into the defensive zone/mode to assist the D in corners. Once the opposing team starts to cycle the puck, the wingers forget to pick up a man and stick to them. The young core still makes poor decisions in the D zone and neutral zone. At times they are to focused on the "money" pass out of the zone. Some make it , some don't. Can be a real problem come tourney time and single elimination.

Goalies: A

Both are playing well but have had a lot of goals to support the effort. This has been the best crew in a while. Being a fan of this team you tend to overlook the netminders and heap a ton a blame on them for a loss/tie. They will continue to improve. I like the competition that is mounting between the two! Only can add to the fire.

Coaching: A+

After the constant drum of scandal and shit from last year it is nice to see the staff clamping down. This is the only team at the U that punishes their player(minus last year) for bad grades and general AHOLE behavior. Maroosh was rolling in his grave last year. My hat is off to the staff for having the chounies to sit the leading scorer and hot goalie for being durds! Pull your heads out boys!

Special Teams: A+ Humfffff.... You look up the stats! Nuf said!

And finally my Christmas wish. Please Santa make this team stay together another year. I know I asked for the Xbox 360 but scratch that. I want the NHL to stay away for one more year. I believe, I believe. I do I do I do!

Since the "perfect" team will be off for a few days I will bore you with house and holiday stuff. Stay tuned.

Gee can I watch the battle of the cellar dwellers this weekend? (checks TV schedule) NOPE! Not on! Guess I'll be relegated to USCHO for the ubber whine fest. Maybe they should trade coaches. Yeah it's the coaches, no wait it's the arena, no wait it's the talent, nah BSU has had success can't be any of them. Hummm....what's left?

Oh well Hockey Least has a few games on! Or I can watch the last 12 Goof games again. Nah, that's to easy. I think I'll just watch the Michigan game OVER AND OVER!

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