Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Souixage RULE! 10>5

Just to show you HOW PATHETIC the sports reporters are in this town. In the FishWrapper East, aka PioneerPress, our resident "Gopher" expert has posted this article. Here!

Here is the snippet:

Posted on Tue, Mar. 28, 2006

WCHA men and women dominating nationally


North Dakota should nail down its 10th NCAA championship April 9 in Milwaukee. Expect the Fighting Sioux to go all the way … unless Wisconsin does.

WOW! They get three wins for this years title. Which we ALL KNOW belongs to SUE already!

As if we need to see that lame as comeback that they all use when the get out thought on a certain board.

All year we get limited coverage by the likes of him and TOOLS like the Genius SQUID Hartman. At least they can get the facts right. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH. Now back to girls volleyball Brothers, you hack. He kind of ranks up there with Don Riley of Duluth!

Still no word from Irmen, RyPo or Kessel on their future. My gut says they all stay. The way this year ended may help that decision. I hope! ; )

Friday, March 24, 2006

So this is how it ends...

They are calling it the biggest upset in NC$$ history. I'll give them that. This group of "stars" did not know what team meant. They let themselves down, their coaches down and the fans.

A few random thoughts. Where was the hitting in this game? Have the Gophers turned into a Hockey East team? Thank GOD Harrington is GONE. He fumblefucked through his senior year. Good BYE! Why did Briggs and the D stop on the 3rd goal? 11 penalties?WTF? At least we don't blame the ref's for every lose like some fans to the West. Is it October yet?

Suck it up and watch the rest of the tourney here. Time to TROLL the boards and spread some love!
As reported in the Pioneer Press:
There was a "quiet" petition over at und by the faculty to consider dropping the racist logo that the NAZI buff tied his million to. Sounds like the lawyers are saying that it is a NO win situation for them. GOOD. Now make ALL teams that use logo's like this not just und. NDSU Flickertails! I like the sound of that. : )

2 other pretenders that got mugged. UNO and Miami. That was SWEET to see. Where was Parse?
Hey Mr.Don Riley where are your Dogs? Same place my Goof's are but with a much worse record and zero future for seeing the big show for years to come. Now back to Duluth area womens softball. Or brush up on your announcer skills! Yeah that's the ticket.

GO CC, UND and UW bring a 5th NC$$ title in a row home the THE BEST COLLEGE HOCKEY LEAGUE IN THE NATION! The WCHA!

Ralphies Lil Rumble!

5:30 p.m. today: The top-seeded Gophers won the WCHA regular-season title and have been ranked among the top teams all season. They go into the NCAA tournament ranked third or fourth nationally after losing twice in their conference tournament. The Gophers are led on offense by Hobey Baker Award candidate Ryan Potulny (38 goals, 25 assists, 63 points) plus Phil Kessel (17-33—50) and Danny Irmen, above, (16-22—38). Alex Goligoski and Chris Harrington supply leadership on the blue line. The starting goaltender is Kellen Briggs, who has a 17-1-1 record in his past 19 decisions but yielded nine goals in 4½ periods last weekend.

The fourth-seeded Crusaders are making just their second NCAA appearance after winning the Atlantic Conference regular-season title and the conference playoffs. They set a school record for victories in the process. Their scoring leaders are Tyler McGregor (24-26—50) and Pierre Napert-Frenette (15-29—44). The team ranks 12th in the nation in defense, yielding just 2.35 goals a game. Goaltender Tony Quesada, has a team-record 60 victories. Said Crusaders coach Paul Pearl: "We have a quick team, but I imagine Minnesota is going to be faster."

I hardly think that any game in these regionals will be a blowout. Let alone this one! We'll just have to wait til 5:30PM CST to find out. Hey ref, DROP THE PUCK!

I am really looking forward to the SUE vs. Maize! To VERY young aggressive teams. If UM can stay out of the box and not let und get out to a fast start this should be a close tilt!

The next machup is BADgers vs. tBeave. That other MN team has made a nice season for itself. They keep talking about there last regionals when the ALMOST beat Denver(Eventual Nat'l Champs).

Minnesota Golden Gopher Hockey. No Grit!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The field is set!

Not many suprises here. Michigan St. does get a number one seed. BADgers leap frog Goof's for overall number one.

Now that I'm over my alcohol poisoning, a few notes about the weekend. First off the happless Gophers. Wow, what a absolute failure to show up! The defence has reverted to it early season head up the arse play. 8 goals against JBSU? On Friday night I counted 13 passes up the middle that got picked off because they did not see the ice. Credit to JBSU for sticking it to them. On Saturday, I witnesses the same thing. Lack of pride? Lack of heart? Who knows. One thing I do know is they had better forget this weekend and go to NoDak pissed off and ready. Oh yeah, note to tDon: Start taking the body.

OK. Now I got up to watch the selection show on E$PNDOO. Who the FUCK produced that show. Phil Kessel the best player in the nation? WTF was that. Carle for Hobey? I like the idea that most are now dismissing the Goof's. It will let them focus on practice this week. und is being picked to win it all. 13-9 home record. Regional at the RALPH. Michigan first round. Hummm......

Midwest (Green Bay)
1. Wisconsin vs. 16. Bemidji St.
8. Cornell vs. 10. CC

West (Grand Forks)
2. Minnesota vs. 15. Holy Cross
7. North Dakota vs. 9. Michigan

Northeast (Worcester)
3. BU vs. 14. Neb.-Omaha
6. Miami vs. 11. Boston College

East (Albany)
4. Michigan State vs. 13. UNH
5. Harvard vs. 12. Maine

NorthDakanada looked good this weekend. Wisconsin looked good this weekend. St.Clown looked good and I wish this team would have made it to the big dance. The final last night was one of the most entertaining game all year next to Mn's loss to UND earlier at Mecca.

Some side notes: MTU's band rocks. Althought they played the same music again and again. Add some other stuff to the routine. Most of them will never see the FinalFive with out the WCHA paying their way.

MeanEGirl: You get the Eleaine Benis award for dance. BRUTAL!

All fans: STOP yelling your teams name at the end of the Nat'l anthem. Have some class and dignity.

Freebe: I have about 50 copies of the poster that was handed out. NDSU? EBAY in 5 years. LOL, that is funny. My final five montage will be assembled with this poster, tickets and program. Kill that proof reader. Would they ever mislable the Minnesota Golden Gophers? I think not.

TV: The selection show indicated that the UofM game will be tape delayed. Many hope 45 will pick it up live.NOT. Boys round ball tourney on. INCH shows the und game as tape delayed on E$PNDOO. Get the story straight. GET E$PN out of College Hockey coverage. Write FOXSportsNet and tell them to bid when the contract comes up.

Michigan: GOOD F'ING LUCK! 0-3 against WCHA. CC,MN and BADgers! und 1-1 against CCHA. Mich St. and Miami!

Friday, March 17, 2006

and the winner by knockout!


JBSU is 8-7 winners over the BUMBLING, FUCKIN-FUMBLING Goofers! Sue beat BADgers for a spot in the title game! More after the tourney and seedings are set!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just because I'm bored!

You are not familar with last years BIACH fest by Cornholeiohs coach whining about why his team lost in the regional at Mecca. Go here.

OK. Now INCH posted this! Here is the text if you are link shy!

Ten NCAA Pairings We'd Like to See

• Wisconsin vs. Maine – Because we'd be humming the Bud Song to ourselves for weeks afterwards, and that's a good thing.

• Michigan State vs. Dartmouth – Just for the moment or two of stunned silence when MSU fans start their "go green, go white" chant and everyone tries to figure out which team they're supporting.

• Harvard sent to the Green Bay Regional – Would Mark Mazzoleni invite the club over for a post-game get together?

• Minnesota vs. Cornell – This way, if the Gophers beat the Big Red handily, Mike Schafer could save that "you won't believe how many injuries we have" excuse he alluded to last week for another occasion.

• Holy Cross vs. Harvard – Who could resist the allure of the tournament's longest surname (the Crusaders' Pierre Napert-Frenette) squaring off against its shortest (the Crimson's Kevin Du)?

• Miami, Boston U., Cornell and Wisconsin in the Frozen Four – Pack three red t-shirts for Milwaukee and you'll be able to talk your way in to any alumni party or post-game reception in the city.

• Nebraska-Omaha vs. Colorado College – We'd actually rather not see this, but the novelty two fifth-place teams playing in the NCAAs might be worth a look.

• Bemidji State vs. Minnesota – Any hockey player who has ever lost some chiclets would look longingly at these two buck-toothed mascots.

• Boston College, Boston University and Harvard in the Frozen Four – Minnesota still wins the title, claiming both the national championship and the Beanpot.

• Bemidji State vs. Holy Cross – No disrespect to the Beavers or Crusaders, but we want to see all the cool stuff we're told will happen when hell freezes over.

Post happy because my DSL has been down since Sunday!

The Greatest...

...show on ice is about to hit St.Paul Minnesota. Year in and year out hockey fans come together at the "X" for three days of WCHA hockey and "just" a bit of partying!

First a bit about the atmosphere at the games. The fans are great! In all the years I have been going to the tourney and partying with Soiux fans, Badger fans, UMD fans and so on, us fans ALWAYS enjoy the games and have a good natured RUBE fest! Save for the time we where sitting a row above Mr.Parise! That another story! Always class and respect. I for one respect ALL fans and hope this tourney, at this venue continue into the most prestigious and well played tourneys in the Nation!

Good Luck to ALL. Oh yeah the March snow storms are going to be visiting again. On top of our 14" snowfall Monday, we are expecting 6+ Wednesday night into Thursday. Plus another BIG one setting it's sights on St.Paul for Sunday night. Be careful and enjoy.......

The Greatest Show on ICE!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


...to OUR house! The field is set. The BADgers get und. JBSU gets tUMD! GOOF's WAIT.

What a weekend of hockey. DU get's pwned at home. CC takes the easy way to the NC$$'s. Watching the Final Five from home. After a fight to catch the DU game (because of snow storm) I tuned into watch tUMD go up 4-1! Man, I then tuned into USCHO to hear JBSU take the series! tUMD bounced DU from the show. END OF THE YEAR! CC in still.

OK. Now, interesting to say the least! Can the BADgers continue the run?

NOPE! und takes the game 4-2.

JBSO smacks tUMD 4-1.


Goof's beat Soiuxage 5-3.

What an absolute AWSOME weekend of hockey at the X! I hope to meet some of you there! I'll buy! One or two!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


On the nite that was the last game for the POI seniors the FROSH'S take OVER. Stoa, Kessel and Wheeler DOMINATE!
Guyer's "team" puts a final smack down on AA! Guess who get's rookie of the week? Who cares. To SaintPaul we go! As it stand right now, the BADgers are in as well as the Goof's.

UNDakanada extends the series to Sunday. CC heads into the 3rd tied against JBSU! DU leads tUMD into the third. While I have been following the games, I have the privalege of listening to tUMD internet feed. Man, I thought Sonmor was a whiner! Man he whines more then the SUZE board. WHO IS HE?

It sucks that these games are not on TV! With all the money tNazi had he could not secure a TV deal. The have the only show in town and NOTHING! Go MAVS! GO JBSU! GO tUMD!

We'll be WAAIITTIINNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Need the address?

What an absolutely WILD night in WCHA hockey. Goof's beat SeaDog's. BADgers beat Tech.

And now for something completely different..............................
NorthDakanada LOSES to tLANDCOWS.
tUMD upsets the 2 time NS$$ champions, DU.
JBSU beats CC. (predicted this one)
A lot of hockey going on Sunday I think!

Too bad we have to wait for USCHO forums and internet to find out scores.

My "gay" (read, alternative lifestyle) attention to RyPo continues according to one of my fans (My wife thinks different) , he scores the hat trick tonight! BC's pretender scores four points tonight. Too bad their season end soon!
Man what a shock it would be to see four MN teams in the FinalFive! Too bad BEERMIJI has not joined the league yet! DUMP AA and get BSU in the WCHA!


GO UM!, all BRANCHES. TC,No., So and Stearns CO!

Lucia's RUN.

Broadmoor Trophy The Broadmoor Trophy is awarded annually by the Western Collegiate Hockey Association to the winner of the highly-competitive WCHA Playoff Championship since 1985. The Broadmoor Trophy itself dates to 1981.

It was first presented to the conference by the world-renowned Broadmoor of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Long an ardent supporter of college hockey, the Broadmoor Resort complex previously included the famous Broadmoor World Arena, which hosted the NCAA Ice Hockey Championships eleven times between 1948 and 1969.

For the first three seasons of its partnership with the WCHA (1981-84), the Broadmoor Trophy was presented to the Association's regular season champion. But with the return of Michigan Tech University and the MacNaughton Cup to the WCHA in 1984, the Broadmoor Trophy has since been awarded to the winner of the league's annual post-season tournament.

The run has begun. With the league championship safely tucked in the basement of Mecca, the POI go for the Playoff Championship.

Alaska comes back to town riding a long losing streak that goes back to Jan. 6th.

Minnesota is on a run that goes back to the first weekend of December. 18-1-1 since.

Not since 1994 has a No.10 knocked of a 1 seed. Tech went to CC and proceeded to whoop them.

The last time the Goof's missed the Final 5 is in 1998.

The last (only) time the Seadogs made the field was in 2004. I cheered my ASS of for them in the tourney!

1992: The last time the Goof's won the Cup. Also the last time the lost a home playoff game!

In 65 first-round series during the Final Five era, dating to 1993, only nine times has a road team won it.

This should be an easy series for the POI. Given they are 4-0 this year and have outscored them 21-8. It would take a meltdown of BADger proportions for the Goof's to lose this series.

My prediction. 5-1/4-2 Gophers sweep!

I'm rooting for JBSU to UPSET CC this weekend. Good luck Motz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

We're BACKKKKK!!!!

Here we go! Playoff time. I am not going to bore you with predictions or analysis. I am however going to point out a few interesting things I have come across on the many Blog’s and forums. It seems that when the season is coming to an end fans get increasingly testy. I am going to start off with our fans. I frequent GPL. Usually pretty tame but somebody posted a t-shirt that had the Gopher M and the word “ARROGANCE” underneath it. Now most folks consider us Gopher fans arrogant. We do tend to look down upon other programs. I do not need to explain this again. I already made that statement in one of my first entries. A few people kinda jumped the poster saying it was “in bad taste” “wait until April 8th”. Arrogance? WTF! We have to wait until it is over to talk shit? I think not! Arrogance is assuming that WE will be there at the end and then we can use shit like 6>5 and so on!

Another t-shirt idea that somebody posted was the following. I put it to paint for him so to say!

And on the back it had: F_CK _ND! There were a few dirrivatives. You are smart you get my point.

OK next we are going to venture into that basackwards world we call USCHO. Man some of the shit that gets tossed out there is hard to stomach. “Who from Minnesota hates ScoobyDoo?” This post, pretty much showed that the site is more about trolls and people who think their “rapists” wit deserves Hollywood! If you do not know who Scoob’s is then you do not belong here reading this.{SIGH} I chimed in and said I am going to bring a sign to the X next week asking that very same question. Should be worth a laugh if I can get my MUG on the scoreboard or better yet FSN! Not counting on it either but I will get some good photos with the sign. Oh I hope I see GOLDY!

I will update this RANT later on this evening after work…..Stay tuned!

BAH f it! No more crap. DROP THE F'ING PUCK!

Monday, March 06, 2006

In Memory.....

....The Golden Nation will remain silent until Thursday! RIP PUCK!

Sports Divorce Weekends

I pretty much try to catch ALL NC$$ games on the tube. Here is a run down of what's on nationally for college hockey. Drop me a line if I missed one!

All times Eastern.

Fri. March 10 Hockey East (TBD) NESN 7:00 p.m.
Fri. March 10 CCHA Quarterfinal (TBD) FSN Detroit 7:30 p.m.
Fri. March 10 Minnesota vs. Alaska Anchorage FSN North 8:30 p.m.
Sat. March 11 Minnesota vs. Alaska Anchorage FSN North 8:30 p.m.
Sun. March 12 CHA Championship Game CSTV 8 p.m.
Thurs. March 16 WCHA Final Five Play-in FSN North 8:30 p.m.
Fri. March 17 WCHA Semifinal FSN North 3:30 p.m.
Fri. March 17 CCHA Semifinal FSN Detroit 4:30 p.m.
Fri. March 17 ECACHL Semifinal CSTV 4:30 p.m.
Fri. March 17 Hockey East Semifinal NESN 5 p.m.
Fri. March 17 ECACHL Semifinal CSTV 8 p.m.
Fri. March 17 Hockey East Semifinal NESN 8 p.m.
Fri. March 17 CCHA Semifinal FSN Detroit 8 p.m.
Fri. March 17 WCHA Semifinal FSN North 8:30 p.m.
Sat. March 18 WCHA Third Place Game FSN North 3:30 p.m.
Sat. March 18 CCHA Championship FSN Detroit 7 p.m.
Sat. March 18 Hockey East Championship NESN 7 p.m.
Sat. March 18 ECACHL Championship CSTV 8 p.m.
Sat. March 18 WCHA Championship FSN North 8:30 p.m.
Sun. March 19 NCAA Tournament Selection Show ESPN2 11 a.m.

ESPNu and CSTV Suck! They'll cover some MIAC hoops game but won't cover more hockey. Thank GOD! for FSN covering the Goof's! Almost every game on TV. Do you watch them even though your not a fan? Or your team sucks?
Come on, it's OK! admit it you are a closet Gopher fan!

The table is set.

(10) UAA at (1) Minnesota
(9) UMD at (2) Denver
(8) MTU at (3) Wisconsin
(7) Mankato at (4) North Dakota
(6) SCSU at (5) Colorado College

Here we go into playoff time. The Goof's are 22-0 at home in the playoffs. I don't think that will change. I read somewhere that the Seadogs stayed in Indiana(?) instead of heading back home after the POI swept them 2 weeks ago. Humm....kinda sucks playing for AA. 2 weeks away from home! YUCK!

I am still picking JBSU to pull out an upset and bounce CC from the race.

If Mankato can play like they did against the BADgers, they might have a chance. Not much of a chance, but NorthDakanada's home record is not what I would call stellar. 11-8-0 is not a usual und record at home. It is not like the old "RALPH", man nobody could win there on a regular basis.

As for the BADgers...well I would like to see them get BITCH slapped by Tech but that is a lot to ask for. TECH did take one at "the cement drunk holder" stadium.

If all the top seeds make it but CC, the X will be rockin!

JBSU gets NoDakanada in the play-in.
Jelly doughnuts get the BADers
Goof's wait for the play-in winner!

Is it Friday yet?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

UMTC my ASS!!!!! The only U of M!

Well Broom Hilda is done for the year. Again the POI dominate.

2-0 Nuff said.

RyPo again shows why he is THE choice!
Next is Alaska. tDon has the boys on a run. WOW! What a year to remember. If it ended today, I must say this is the most team oriented squad I have seen since 1989! We all know what happened that year. Harvard! FUCKIN Harvard! Let's go Gophers......Let's go Gophers! Nice Broom ehhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do dog's really whine?

Well yes they do. I have added a link to a Duluth State Blog here. This is just a snippet from that 7-0 ASSWHOPPIN that the POI put on tGopher Rejects.

"It makes me sad to think our season is going to end after next weekend. (Okay, we are not mathematically eliminated, we still have an auto-bid, but let's get real, people. We are not the damn Miracle On Ice.) However, it also comes as a relief. Why are we playing the penultimate game of the regular season as tentatively as the first? Why can't we make passes? Why haven't we gotten quicker? Why is the puck in your skates, Matt Greer, while you are looking around for it? Why are we tripping over our teammates? Why can't we score on that sieve, Briggs? WHY? WHY? WHY?
posted by Donna Marie at 11:42 PM

I pose this question. No talent maybe?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Hey Stimpy......

Yes Ren, did you catch the name of that bus the hit me?

tUMD's new mascot! (after the loon leaves) What's it's name again? Larry the Loon?

You knew that Isacc's run would end. And end it did. In a flury of white home Gopher jerseys. After a Gopher dominated first that ended 1-0. The POI came out for a 4 spot in the second. Lead by the 4th line, DID YOU CATCH THAT? The 4th line looked inspired tonight.

The third period saw... well more of the same!!!!!!! Final tally 7-0. Not quite my 5-2 prediction but hey, WTF!

It was a nice touch leaving the cup at center ice for the MECCA fans to enjoy. 1 down 2 to go!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


The Minnesota State Duluth Bulldogs head down 35 this weekend for a couple at Mecca. With their sparkling 9-21-4 record, the usual talk has surfaced this week. Why can't we sweep these pretenders? The answer. Their goalie. He has done EVERYTHING to beat the Goof's! In November the POI visited the DECC for two games. We came away licking our wounds with 1 point. This was to a team that in the 2 previous weeks was SWEPT by Bemidji St. and Vermont. WTF!

Do you see a pattern here! These guys love to play the Goof's. I have a feeling that this weekend will be much different. I'll give you a few reasons why:
1- It's senior weekend
2- The team get's presented the DQ Cup! LOL!
3- The team get's presented the MacNaughton cup!
4- They got 1 fucking point from these Gopher rejects in November.
5- They need to keep this momentum going into the playoffs.

Better come ready to play because they will!

Prediction: 5-2 and 6-1 POI SWEEPS!