Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The REAL State of Hockey

INCH has an interesting breakdown by state of D1 college talent and where they hail from. You can see the state by state breakdown here and the WCHA breakdown here.

The paint thinner nation which claims to be the "new state of hockey" has supplied the NCAA with a whopping 27 players. SUZIE'S flatland has supplied 8. Shit, Texas has supplied more the NoDak at 10. Even Illinois has pumped 59 in.

Minny is at 214 (That's 21% of all playing D1) followed by Michigan with 150. One surprise to me is New York with 103!
That's 4 times as many as the red menace and TEN times more then the "butchers" of the national anthem.

You may adopt these players and call them your own, but in fact they are not. Only ONE team in the nation can do that. Little something called pride.

Pride on Ice!

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