Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hey.......... you SUCK!

The first sweep of the young season! The POI put on a clinic tonight. Not only a 8 goal outburst, but defense that is smothering. "Thunderstorm" gets his first of MANY hattricks. This team is much harder working then last years. Wooger made a comment on a stat posted on FSN. Barriball has twice the points that "the one year wonder" had at this point in the season. "twice as good" was his comment. LOL! Twice the heart is what I say. This team looks nothing like the team that myself and LB saw. Wish we had a rematch. I can wait til April for that!
Looking ahead the POI makes the trek to the city by the sea, Duluth. Better bring your extra attitude Dog fans. This team has never experienced the Dumps...errrrrr Decc's atmosphere. It's not going to matter. The DOGS are in for a goood Ol Goofer ASS whoopin.

Looks like the BADgers are going to get swept at home! 4-1 last I heard. They were SHUTOUT last night. OVERRATED. Hanging onto last years Championship. FING ugly hockey to watch.

tUMD splits with lowly DU. The Flickertails take care of business against GR3(Gopher rejects 3) First being tUMD, second being JBSU and fourth being CHA's Muskrats.

The BIG surprise id Mich Tech. WOW A SWEEP. Does not happen a lot. "Ban the(MTU) band" at the X is in full swing look for the web site soon.
The fatboy will be in full swing on GPL this week. Man bring back the "ignore" option on the board Jupiter, PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stick to football

Let me just say the OSU was schooled in EVERY aspect of the game. 7-2 final. After finding their legs the Goof's unleashed a performance that many fans knew was there. This team looked nothing like the lost team at the X against Maine. Again the freshmen ruled the day. Why not, we have mostly frosh's in the lineup. OSU's head coach stated, "With a team of that skill — all the way out from the goaltender — they'll expose you on every mistake you make, and you saw that tonight," 7 different players score for Minny. EJ got his first and finally showed some off the flash he is known for. At 6-2 and 225 he put a Savard like spinaroma on a Buckeye skater that was amazing. It was nice to see Mr.Brigg's back between the pipes. Tonite will be a different game I think. OSU will more then likely come out swinging. Goof's sweep and bring out our favorite girl,BroomHilda!

In other action I watched. tUMD played gritty against "the new state of hockey" GAG! What an ugly game to watch. I was suprised that the Dogs hung with them. I look forward to watching them again tonite. tUMD takes 3 out of the shithouse.

Meanwhile at Mariucci West, Maine bitchslapped the Flickertails. This one shocked me more then the Fighting Irish beating BC. I thought for sure UND would walk all over this team. UND is better. Maine looked poor against the Goof's. Unfortunately in that game the POI boys looked tired. Look for a inspired game by the Gopher rejects and earn the split.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Check this out.
For many centuries Friday the 13th
has been considered unlucky.

Today however is no ordinary Friday the 13th!
To see why, let's do a bit of numerology and
add up the digits
of today's date:
October 13, 2006 = 13/10/2006

1+3+1+0+2+0+0+6 = 13

Wild ehh!
The last time this happened was Friday, January 13, 1520!

I'd better be nice to momma tonight!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


The Goof's take on lowly Wayne State this weekend at Mecca! The Warriors are coming off of a dismal 6-23-6 season in the CHA. Coach Wilkinson leads a veteran team comprised of 11 Canucks and 17 others mostly from Michigan. Of it's players, 16 are Juniors or Seniors.

The Goof's need to get ahead and stay ahead in these two games. Their youth showed in the first period against Maine. They took it to Maine in the 2nd and 3rd periods but could not solve the goalie. I was really impress with the play of Okposo, Barriball and Carmen. The outshined everybody from the Goof's that nite. These two games will show what kind of character this team has. Wayne State is going to come out after them I think. Predictions. Sweep!5-2/6-1 Goof's.

There being NO coverage for both games, I will have to resort to the Flickertail's and BADgers games. CSTV is covering Friday and FSN has Saturdays tilt. This should be a great battle of the most hated in Minny! I'll reserve my comments for after the series. Let's have two ties! Seriously, I look for a Flickertail sweep!

Remember good citizens of the USA (yes this includes you flatlanders) It's the HOME OF THE BRAVE!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Say good-bye to the "Army of One". The Army has contracted McCann WorldGroup to a 5 year 1 billion dollar deal. Yes, 1 billion dollars. That's your tax money working hard for you.

The new slogan is....drum role Doc..........................

ARMY STRONG. The cartoon bubble is operating in full force right now. It has that...ummmm Tarzan ring to it, doesn't it? I can see a general swinging from a vine with W under his arm.

"Army Strong, taxpayers stupid"

The new slogan is meant to convey the idea that if you join the Army you will gain physical and emotional strength, as well as strength of character and purpose. It "speaks to the essential truth" of being a soldier, Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey said.

Not to mention IED shrapnel embedded in your skull.

It just never ceases to amaze me that our military has to have a slogan and hire marketing guru's. Why not, "Kill'em ALL"? Oh, I forgot that was a Metallica album. Watch out Lars may sue W if he tries to use that.

How bout, "Evil do'ers out" or better yet "Let's piss the whole world off, fuck our economy up, kill our kids and then retire to Texas"

All I can say is WOW.

Friday, October 06, 2006

How's da Chouwder Nawm???

The shithole they call Alfond

I caught this article called "Gopher Hunting" on the Maine Campus web site. I guess journalism class is not Maine's strong suit. Neither is their hockey program but that is another story.

This is only page one of four because the rag of a site makes you register to read further. Not happening!

"The Xcel Energy Center in St Paul, Minn., seats roughly 20,000. On any given night those 20,000-or- so spectators can turn what is normally a cookie-cutter arena into the loudest, most intense atmosphere for hockey in the country. The reason for the explosion is simple. Minnesota loves its hockey and hockey loves Minnesota. Like North Carolina and basketball, the sport belongs to the state. To the University of Maine men's ice hockey squad, however, all this means nothing. As far as the Black Bears are concerned, it's a tired, old story - one they know all too well. They've seen it, lived it and experienced it all before. In fact, UMaine is basically starting off from where they were last seen: a vocal arena filled with an eccentric fan-base. For the Black Bears, all that has changed is the team and the setting. Friday, nearly five months after falling to Wisconsin in Milwaukee and finishing one game shy of the National Championship, the Black Bears return to the Heartland. In what is already being billed as one of the best match-ups of the year, UMaine and the University of Minnesota are set to go head-to-head in hockey's Hall of Fame Game at 8 p.m. The match-up between the 11th-ranked Black Bears and No. 3 Gophers is the first since their overtime thriller in the 2005 NCAA Tournament West regional opening round, which Minnesota won 1-0. "We're excited about this challenge; this is a great opportunity for our hockey program to open the season in the hockey Hall of Fame Game at the Xcel center," UMaine head coach Tim Whitehead said of Minnesota, a team UMaine has gone into overtime with in three of the last four games. "We're very pleased to have been invited. This is exactly what we like to do. We like to challenge ourselves right off the bat and we're doing that again this year with Minnesota, Bemidji and North Dakota in our non-league start."

I take issue with the "cookie cutter" statement. Where the fuck has this guy head been? Not only is the X undoubtedly the NICEST arena in the country, the Goof fans that go there to watch them are most of the people that never get a chance to go to Mecca to catch a game. I think the waiting list for season tickets to Mecca is about 10 years based on how many come up. This crowd can get downright LOUD.

Minnesota's hockey scene tired and old? Let's see how many players from Maine actually play for Maine (Runs to USCHO and checks roster)..................

Humm..... I see there is 1. Now lets check how many Canuck's they have............

15 out of 28 are Canucks. WOW what a HOTBED of college hockey they are. The only thing tired and old is your constant reminders of the cheater of a coach that basically bought your school it's championships. Stick to fishing it's the only thing your decent at.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cheater, cheater,cheater!

I was directed to this post from GPL. Things that make you go HUH?

Maine hockey started in 1977, its history really began when coach Shawn Walsh took over the program in 1984 and began winning the old-fashioned way, by cheating.

Armed with a lack of morality and a penchant for 24 year-old Canadians, Walsh quickly turned the Blackbears into a national power. NCAA rules be damned, it took less than ten years until Maine won its first National Title in 1993, and for the most part, has been a contender ever since.

Unfortunately, the legacy of Maine hockey and athletics in general is marred with several NCAA violations that would suggest they should be called the "Black marks", not the "Black Bears".

After Maine's historical season that saw them win 42 games and lose just once en route to the 1993 NCAA title, it didn't take long until the NCAA got wind of how U.Maine did its business. The very next season, it was found that Maine players Cal Ingraham and Jeff Tory played while academically ineligible and after an investigation, Maine had to forfeit 14 games and ended up getting credit for just 6 total wins. Since Maine, a true "no-collar institution", has the academic integrity of The Bauder College of Fashion, your superiors are at a loss to understand what one has to do to become academically ineligible from U. Maine.

Like a child who refused to learn its lesson, Maine was caught cheating once again in 1994 when it was discovered that several hockey players were receiving free food in the school cafeteria, a violation of NCAA rules. Your superiors have eaten on campus at U.Maine and truth be told, we wouldn't pay for that detritus, either. Though this would be minor compared to violations to come, it was clear that Shawn Walsh and his cast of crony assistants were finding new and exciting ways to cheat on a daily basis.

As the 1995-96 season got underway, less than a year after Walsh's Blackbears lost to Boink University in the 1995 NCAA final, Maine hockey was competely exposed for several rules violations. On December 12, 1995, it was announced that Maine's hockey program had violated 26 NCAA rules and was immediately banned from the 1996 Hockey East and NCAA Tournaments. Walsh was suspended for one entire year, while minions Grant Standbrook and Greg Cronin were banned from recruiting anywhere off-campus because of several recruiting violations. Without the luxury of recruiting 20-something mercenaries from Parts Unknown, Canada, Maine would take a hit on the ice as well.

Fortunately for Maine hockey, the NCAA violations stopped after coach Walsh died in 2001. His last game behind the bench for the Blackbears was a loss to Boston College in the 2001 NCAA quarterfinals. In one of those "life imitates art" moments, it should be noted that Walsh was kicked out of his last game midway through third period after arguing with referees regarding a penalty call. Few Maine fans realized as he left the bench that night in shame, he had coached his last game.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The End.

After battling a nagging shoulder injury 2 years ago in the World Jr.'s Nate Hagemo has ended his Gopher/Hockey career. At 5-11 180Lbs., the blueliner compiled 2-8(10) in his freshmen year at the U. His injury was sustained in a game against Mankato and worsened by a cross check in the Jr tourney in GF. He never recovered. He took to the ice this year and was donning the X jersey that indicates no contact in practice. Although he wore this jersey it is said that he was fairly physical in practice.

This is another blow to the Goof's who were counting on his return and solid style of D. He was the 58th overall pick in the 2005 draft by Carolina. What a terrible way to end your career.

Hagemo said, " We did everything we could to get back to 100 percent, but my shoulder just wasn't getting any better. I can't thank the entire team and staff enough for the support they have given me the last two years."

He will continue to attend the U and finish his degree.

Good luck Nate!

PS: This was posted here.

"For anyone that really cares, Hagemo stretched and damage the bundle of nerves called the "Brachial Plexus". That causes intense muscle spasm and weakness that is very debilitating. Hagemo was optomistic on Thursday that he'd feel better playing but obviously wasn't able to take a hit without pain and had lost his shot so hung up the skates instead of doing more damage. There are surgeries to graft nerves for the brachial plexus but Hagemo wasn't a candidate as the diagnosis came too late. He will continue with his Physical Therapy in order to maintain a normal life but his hockey career is over."

Monday, October 02, 2006

...And now for something completely different

I shall try to write a bit about Gopher Hockey. First, I want to clarify that this blog is not to be taken too seriously when it comes to recruiting knowledge, other teams talent and such. I do this solely to vent and be able to wear my "Goldy Goggles" and have fun.

So far most comments have been fun as well as fair. With the exception of someone, who shall remain nameless, that questioned my heterosexual status!

I have taken a few jabs at the supposed Western College Hockey blog. Just a pissed of Maize and Blue fan. I have also taken a few shots at that expert from the range. After listening to his whining while making the call of a hockey game in Duluth I lost all respect for him. I really like reading Goon's "flickertail's" blog and that certain "someone" from tUMD's blog.

After a very pitiful end to the season last year I pretty much stayed away from the usual sites about college hockey to asses my true feelings toward this sport in general! That being said I WILL NOT make any predictions about the players or season because I just do not have the knowledge to make a guess.

Me and "LB" are going to the Hall of Fame game Friday. I hope to instill a little passion about hockey and "teamwork" in my son. He really enjoys hockey (skating) and want to make sure that HE WANTS to do it and that I'm not the frustrated hockey parent pushing him. Truth be told, quitting Junior hockey because of a shoulder injury was the second most devastating thing in my life. If you know me, you can guess the first.

Looking at the schedule, how is it possible not to play SUZIE 4 times? WTF is wrong with the league? I know that both arenas sell out EVERY game but not to have each team visit each other is akin to moving the Pack out of the NFC "Norris" division. I just don't get it. Dump the DU and CC games. Fucking junior colleges!

I am now going to USCHO to rekindle the love on that POS board. Then over to CHN to read the CSTV dunce's comments. Goon's blog will be next then GPL! And to all of you from other team sites...... I fart in your general direction!!!!!!NEET!