Friday, June 22, 2007

Has the fight begun?

Is lil Hitler going to start losing his supreme powers soon?

Check this link out!

"Of course, it was not just Democrats who were worried about the kick in the teeth that the Constitution had taken. Earlier this year, the conservatives and libertarians associated with the Liberty Coalition and the right-wing legal scholars at the Rutherford Institute signed onto a letter outlining 10 steps the new Congress could take to restore U.S. moral authority in the world. The first step was: Restore habeas corpus."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wandering in Blogger

Last night I decided to play with that little button right up there^ You know the one that sends you to random Blogger pages. Let me tell you there are VERY sick puppies out there. The most interesting one (if I can be so bold) was a girl, unknown age probably a teen. She had a eating disorder. She said she was 5-3 and 127 lbs. She could not stand herself or her body. She had a TON of posts spewing how much she hated her mother. There was also a few references to "ending it all"! Wow just wow. Do parents even monitor there kids computer usage?

This made me think about the whole blog thing. Hell, I do this for fun and to throw barbs at other teams fans. I never expected/wanted input from the general population. Just wanted to ramble and vent sometimes. I know that a lot of people hide behind the anonymity of the web. Is this good for people? To publicly purge your disgust for yourself and your family?

You hate like hell to see somebody going through so much angst and pain but do you dare comment on their blog hoping in some way to reach them? Or do you merely pass by like another person walking by you on the street? I choose to pass by.

Maybe this is "my" version of reality TV. Randomly reading other peoples life tales and misery. I'm not a fan of reality TV. I am embarrassed for those people and just can not stand to watch what kind of fools they make out of themselves. Yet reading some blogs makes me want to reach through the net and slap them into real life mode. But maybe that is their life and all it will be.

I will venture back and follow her tribulations. Kinda macabre but hey variety is the spice of life!