Saturday, December 09, 2006

What HIM say?

Another post by the racist, real estate magnet here.
Go Go Gophers watch em GO GO GO! LOL
Bugga wabbuu tubba! What him say?


As a matter of fact, F MTU! SWEEP! Just got home. Arizona is/was beautiful. Except for the smog cloud that hangs over the city.

Was there ANY doubt about the outcome? I think I posted this: "tUPPERpoodle's get SWEPT this weekend. 4-0, 5-1!" The defensive specialists at MTU didn't seem to hold on. I shall diminish to the basement and watch the games.

In Junior College action. fUMD got SWEPT by the Beav's. Hummmmmm....seems that the Northern boys have been schooling the WCHA bottom feeders. Let's hope the Goof's don't get them in the 1st round of the BIG show!

DaLandcows managed 1pt. in Denver. Surprising, the way they played last weekend I figured sweep. NOT! Can't get up for every game I guess.

The Flickertails get swept at home AGAIN! Man Sconi is a power house. WTF is happening at Mecca West? Curse of the Hockey Gods I think! Maybe they should switch their colors to purple and white ala Holy Cross and become the "Banshees" That's not offensive is it? Oh wait, it was the ref's fault. I forgot, please excuse me.

Yourhety deejuutr woppppummm!
What him say? Hows the bottom of the league treating ya?

There is a really good line in American Beauty. It's the line where the HOT cheerleader get's challenged by the book worm girl about her modeling "experiences". You know her response right? MULVA?

Another bleeding heart spewing rubbish. Ahhhh...... the beauty of the web.

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