Thursday, December 21, 2006

Trolling for....

Like most fans I go to various forums and read post about the other team games and so on. While visiting I saw a curious thread at the top. It's titled "Enough about Holy Cross" as I started my little journey into the minds of the SUE one thing struck me as odd. A few posters claimed the the SUZIE minions actually helped HC win the game. HUH? No the Goof's just laid an egg. Much like Suzie is doing this year.

Do the POI fans revel in a loss. Yes. Do they obsess? Hell NO! There is a little virtue known around these parts called Class. Do we run out and get a Alaska, BADgers or Tech jersey's and wear them to Mecca when Suzie comes to town? Abomination! Why disrespect your own team by wearing another teams colors? Class.

Oh yeah, I know it was the "biggest" upset in college hockey. Let's move forward people. GPLer's would jump on you in their forum for even posting something like that. Jup would lock it the second it hit the board. Class.

The emotion of playing the Sue will be high when they hit Mecca. Where will the teams be in the standings in a month? What will be the out come? Whatever the outcome one thing remains the same, some have it some don't. Class.

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