Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The end

The season was put to an end Sunday with a OT goal (weak at best) by a very determined Sue team. Play was carried most of the game by them. Talk about flat. Did they have nothing left in the tank for these guys? Humm.....NO. They got beat by a better team. Not all around better, just playing their best hockey when it counts.

The off season looks to be a little iffy. Johnson and Goli are more then likely gone. Vannelli and Briggs(ave) graduate. There is talk of Man beast and Barriball leaving. Not to mention Wheeler. I wish the NC$$ would step in and stop this BS by the NHL. They should not be eligible for the DRAFT until the end of their junior year at any given school. Not going to happen!
Greed rules ALL!

So let's look forward to the semi's. Maine got lucky again. How does this team even get to the show? Eastern bias. Michigan St. proved they can play. ND was taken out by them. Look for a close game but State making the trip to the championship.

Next is BC and Suzie. Both teams are on fire. Lammy will need to stand on his head and have the BEST GAME OF HIS LIFE to beat BC. They are a awesome team to watch. This is a rematch from last year. That game was not even close. BC carried the play and coasted to the F4.


Folks we are going to have a NON WCHA team as champion this year.

2 out of 3 ain't bad! LOL! Is it October yet?

Saturday, March 24, 2007


The flyboys are done! Minny comes ROARING back.

That was not the team I watched last Saturday night. They showed they are ready to play when they need.


At least we don't have to watch the pukes to the West wearing AirForce jerseys.

GO BLUE, Dump the SUE!


Drop the puck! Game day baby! Boy was it fun rooting for Maine last night! JBSU lives up to their other name, One and done U. I must point this out, HolyCross has more wins in the NC$$'s then the mullet nation! Should I run out and get my Maine jersey? Nope! CLASS!

Don't know what I was doing picking Clarkson to go past the first round. Oh well 3 pick out of four on the poll at GPL.

Today the Goof's face the flyboy's. They have two very dynamic players. 11 Minnesota boys and 4 goalies. Yes, 4 goalies. As posted earlier the mainly played a weak schedule. They gave a few WCHA teams a scare. Speed will be the key. Dump and grind! RJ is in the lineup, at forward. Let's see if he can get his first.

Today I shed my hatred for Michigan. GO BLUE!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Photo Credit Jup at GPL
The field is set. The POI head West to face The Air Force team. The selection commitee switched the 15 and 16 seeds around. So overall No. 1, Minnesota get's the 15 seed. The only reason I can see for this is fan draw. The regional is devoid of CC and UD/DU. So Air Force is the draw.
By far the hardest region. Michigan should give Suzie ALL they can handle. Air Force has played CC, UD/DU, ND and Alaska twice. They lost each game, but not by much.


This was a classic battle between two perennial powers. The Goof's matched Suzie blow for blow. Both teams missed a few scoring opportunities. Both teams took stupid penalties. Both teams were called for the fair share of questionable penalties. I'm sure they were going NUTS over at itsalltherefsfault.com! This is the team we watched during the first half. Got it done with D! Speaking of D, they finally put together a FULL game with no major give aways. Frazzee again looked solid. Does anybody else get nervous with his handling the puck? Every time he venture out to get the biscuit, I cringe.

Kyle deserves the game MVP. He dug and ground the DOT line all night. What can be said about Wheeler? Big time players come up big! Remind you of anybody? Somebody from Suzie's side of the river? Didn't that goal resemble Broten's goal just a tad?

Bracketology. The current selection prognostication is here. It is a shame that they are in the same region. These two teams need to meet in the Frozen Four.

1. Minnesota vs. 16. Alabama-Huntsville
8. Michigan vs. 10. North Dakota (to avoid MSU)

2. Notre Dame vs. 15. Air Force
7. Boston University vs. 9. Michigan State

3. Clarkson vs. 13. Massachusetts (to avoid UNH)
6. St. Cloud State vs. 12. Maine (to avoid BC)

4. New Hampshire vs. 14. Miami
5. Boston College vs. 11. St. Lawrence

The Suzie match up with Wolverines looks to be an interesting one. Michigan is 2-1 against WCHA squads. Their only loss was a drubbing by the Goof's 8-2!

Denver is by far the toughest regional. Maybe the selection committee will move them all to Grand Rapids but the field is pretty much set. Have a nice off season Becky!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hello bug, meet windshield

Windshield wins. Look out for Suzie! They dominated St.Clown, no question! Their first 5 minutes reminded me of the early season Goof's. Came out and took charge!

Now to the POI.
D again looked tentative in their own end. WTF is wrong with Goli?
I watched him make a few bone headed plays. Most of them in his own zone. Too many give aways!

The positive. They held their ground, matched UW hit for hit and stayed in the system. Dug hard and played 60 minute.

Forwards played stronger each period. Not a lot of chances in the 3rd for TNSoH. Briggs went unchallenged.

I hope they come to send a message to Suzie tomorrow! They had better eat their Wheaties because this team is HOT!

One thing is for sure. WE will have a NEW National Champion.

BaBye Becky! BaBye ELLIOTT!

In some other action. I watched Notre Dame play tonight. Man this team would not stand a chance against the LandCows. What a lazy team. Granted they were playing LSSU, but yikes! fUMD would hand them their ASSES right now.

As of right now BC is squashing BU 4-1, Michigan rocks MSU!

Irish get Wolverines
BC gets UNH
POI gets NDSU!

Notice there was NO Goof prediction? I was 0'fer, so I shut my mouth!

DouchePost of the Year!

I do not usually react to blog posts with posts here. Usually. I must point this one out though. The author is a self proclaimed fan of "UAA hockey, SOCCER?, Chicks? and games!"

Argggg... this is to easy. I can't even write without laughing!

"You know how I know you're gay..."

I have come to find the most UAA fans are fairly knowledgeable when it comes to NC$$ hockey. He just blew it for them.

Just have a read. You're smart, you can form your own opinion.

Meanwhile in StPaul, in the State of the WCHA Final Five (Hockey), tElliott and the BADgers shut out Tech 4-zip. To bad the fans there still have to listen to the Tech band and their between whistle drone of a song. If you know the band you know the song. Listen for it on FSN tonight.

I only caught the first period of the game but sconi pretty much shut them down that period so most of the game must have been the same way!

0-1 on the picks. Who cares! Better DEAD then RED! Bring on bucky. It should be a helluva game. Becky has everything to play for. They need to win out to make it into the dance. The Goof's have to prove they can play with intensity for 60 minutes. One comment from a player in the FishWrapper West is as follows ""We can't lose the rest of the season; that's our motto right now" Nothing like stating the obvious! I think they are, considering last years meltdown and this years coasting into the Final Five. Yes coasting.

Better bring it boys because BECKY will be fired up for sure.

How's the weather up there in UAA land? I heard the off season for UAA players is a sure sign of spring. Early again this year I see. Maybe Punxsutawney Phil should be replaced with Anchorage Al?

WhatCha think? If he comes out of his igloo and sees his favorite SeaDog's still playing we get six more weeks of hockey?

Let's stick with Phil! We'd never get six more weeks with Al.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Looking forward

The race for the Frozen 4 is up in the air. With all the playoff's this weekend there are only a few teams who are a lock for the tourney. 9 are in for sure. That leaves 7 spots for a LOT of teams.

Minnesota, Notre Dame, St. Cloud, New Hampshire, Clarkson, Boston College, Boston University, Michigan and Alabama-Huntsville are in.

It is hard to believe but Suzie is a bubble team. They need to win in St.Paul to make it. NO....Not the whole thing just 1 win. Go here and read the whole shabang!

The Final 5 is just 1 day away. The play in game pits Tech against the BADgers. This year Tech swept the only 2 they played. Typical BADger hockey, 2-1, 4-2 losses. Most fans will be cheering for Tech Thursday night. I am not one of those fans. Tech will be playing with a little more tenacity then ANYBODY in this shootout. Both teams need to win the Final 5 to make the show!

Prediction: BADgers 5-2

That brings us to Stearns Co. CC and the flickertails. Humm.......Suzie just took 3 from them. Suzie has been RED HOT in the second half. Stuutteerrriinnggg Bobby has shown he is human. Suzie ALWAYS plays big at the X. St.Patty's is Saturday! Oh wait they play Friday afternoon...Well then, time for Suzie to stumble.

Prediction: JBSU takes them. 4-3


Stay tuned!

Monday, March 12, 2007


....That was a close one!
The game wasn't as close as it seemed. 3-1. The POI make another trip to St.Paul. A place that seems to not like them since 2002. They head to Kellogg Blvd. after dispatching a pesky Seadog team. Alaska St. only manages 12 total shots for the game. The Goof's peppered their netminder all night yet could not get them past. A lot of wide open nets, missed nets or fanning on the shot. This game could well of been 6-1! Oh well, got to watch 1 more game I guess!

So to the X we go. 1,2,3,6,7 seeds make the show. 1 good thing. At least you won't have to hear me rant about Tech's shitty band being there when the team is not. They squeak by CC to make it for the first time in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. They get the pleasure of the play-in game against the BADgers.

fUMD almost prevails against St.Clown. 3OT's and JBSU's Nodl scores the game winner.

The Flickertail's breeze past daMavs.

Who's the team to beat? Suze of course. Their hot play continues. I bet JBSU will be a little pissed Friday afternoon when the get Suze. Actually Thursday's play in game is going to be a good one. The fans at the X will be cheering for Tech that's for sure. Much like they did for Alaska a few years back. Tech and the BADgers are playing for the lives. They have ZERO chance of making the big show unless the win it all. Tech actually is closer to the bubble then sconi.

The POI get the winner of the play in game Friday during prime time. Downtown will again be rocking. With St.Patty's day Saturday it looks like downtown Fargo! Fucking Irish! At least I'll be in the friendly confines of 2908!

A little regionals talk. How bad does it suck to be a UDDU fan right now. Not only did the get swept by a average Bucky team, they are out of the big dance for the second year in a row and they are the host institution for the West Regional! Way to choke Gwaz! It will just give you more time to recruit in beautiful MooseJaw or Regina!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Grit, heart and teamwork! Or lack there of.

Take your yellow hair and take a week off.

A lot of missed chances, pipes and lack of... Hill said It all! Alaska State pushed it to a third game. Just a few observations if I may. The D core has been totally out of it. Vannelli and Goli look like they are playing at half speed and being just plain lazy and lackadaisical. Johnson...well he can just head out now. Number 1 my ass. Sloppy, lazy and he just does not give a shit. Kessel the cancer strikes again.

What will game 3 give us? Hopefully a week to sit and THINK about what this means to them. I'm not liking the end of this season. It is coming sooner then later.

Hell the HS tourney was more entertaining then this team tonight.
In other action. St.Clown escapes a sweep and gets a 3rd game. Suze sweeps the whiner out of a job. CC rebounds and UD gets swept by the BADgers.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Will they escape?

Back from my weekend sledding trip to SilverBay on the North Shore. Man was there a TON of snow. Step off the trail and you sank into 4Ft. of powder!!! Trails were devoid of people and the groomers were out in force.

There's just something about tearing up a trail at 70+ MPH!! You burn a lot of gas and scare the shit out of your self but man what a RUSH!

OK, so I watched the game from Saturday night. The puck just refused to bounce the Goof's way all night. The D corp had their heads up their arses all night. tDon took exception to their effort and they had a little skating party Sunday morning. Must have wanted to refresh their memories a bit.

The flickertails take 3 of 4 from JBSU! End up in 3rd! Look out here comes Suze!

UD has a miracle comeback against CC.

The playoffs are set.

fUMD vs. St.Clown
Flickertails vs. MSJC
UD vs. BADgers
CC vs. YupperPoodles
The U vs. Alaska St.

JBSU in 2
UND in 2
UD in 3
MTU in 3
POI in 2

Man, first year in a while I won't be Downtown for the tourney. Oh well. I'll sit at home in front of the fire and watch! Cheaper too!

Oh yeah I forgot.....

Photo Courtesy evegoe @ GPL

Thursday, March 01, 2007

You got to fight...

For your right...to host in the playoffs. The .500 Techsters hit Mecca this weekend. They are in a dog fight to host a first round playoff bid. WHAT? Tech at home in the first round? Nah. Ain't gonna happen. They need to sweep the U of M and they need DU.......oopppsss UD (more on that one in a bit) to sweep CC. The way the Goofs have been playing the first may be possible, but with a home and home in the Rockies, not likely.

Tech is 1 point behind CC for that 5th home playoff spot.

In other action Goon's gang heads to Stearns County to take on Never Been There State. Can stttttuuuuuutttttteeeerrrrriiinnnggg Bobby continue to sttttaaaaaannnnnnnddddddd on his head and carry the team? This should be a really good match up. Both have a lot to play for. The flickertails could use a couple of wins to solidify and move up in the Pairwise. We all know that JBSU is chasing the POI for the title.

fUMD and BADgers? Who gives a rats ASS!

Did I hear it right? Some admin at DU/UD is telling everybody that it is the University of Denver and not Denver University? Funny but...

Kinda confusing isn't it!

Enjoy your weekend everybody. I'll be in Lutsen snowmobiling ALL weekend.

Keep the cup where it belongs boys...In the State of Hockey.