Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just a precautionary measure

If you think about the decision by the U's braintrust it makes sense. Do not play UND sports! You know why? Because most of their other teams could probably beat the Goof's in other sports. Sad but true.

Read the Ch.5 report here.

In a gutless and toothless decision they are not allowing games against the SUE because of the name. Now why would they take this stand and not include hockey? Hummm..... they are going to pressure the non revenue generating teams at UND and start taking away their competition. Will other follow? Don't know.
The only D-1 sport at UND is hockey. They are the most consistent visitors to the post season. Could you imagine the WCHA or Mecca without UND playing? I can't. I can however image an arena without their obnoxious fan base and disrespect to OUR national anthem.

What's in a name anyways?

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