Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why yes....

"I hope you all are happy," he said matter-of-factly to Reitter's family after the guilty verdicts were read and as deputies escorted him from the courtroom.

....Yes we are happy. Enjoy the view. I picked that pic especially for you!

The cold blooded killer from Block E gets life plus 15 years. In this FishWrapper West article Yolanda (the murderers mom), defended her son by saying "He's not a menace to society," as her son bowed his head. "It was self-defense. Unintentional."

What self respecting person walks around with a .357 at the movie theater? I bet he didn't have a conceal/carry permit either. They tried to use the defense that he was in a fight with the guy and was scared. If he was scared why was he chasing the person he was affraid of? He was chasing him going to do what? Not shoot him? Come on! So he just starts blasting in public? What a coward.

Voss his attorney stated, "He wasn't looking for trouble," He made a rash, impulsive decision. He didn't point that gun at Alan Reitter."

Ummm... excuse me NOT looking for trouble! First he gets into a fight in the movie theater. Then he's carrying one of the most powerful hand guns around. Nah....he's not looking for trouble is he? They portray him as a hard working contributer to society. He helped build a house for AmeriCorps and enrolled in Junior College but never attended. What a contribution!


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