Monday, July 30, 2007

Just stuff

Man I though for sure I'd get an "R"!

In other exciting news, The MotoQ is a fantastic device. I don't need no stinking 600 dollar iPhoney!

I wonder if they sell iWipes to keep the touch sceen clean?

Kyle (4Head) from GPL has started himself a nice online shop. He mostly caters to Goof/MN hockey fans. This is the gent who organized the last jersey sale on GPL. GPL has since banned the jersey sale/promotions. So 4Head has started this site.

Check it out. He has a nice selection of MN hockey jerseys. He even has a jersey from my high school!

Having bought jersey's from him I can say that they are of the finest quality and workmanship. They are worth every penny if you consider your self a "rube"

Good luck Kyle.

Oh yeah, LESS THEN 80 DAYS UNTIL...THE PUCK DROPS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sprint Ahead

*****UPDATE 1************
So today is July 16th and STILL NO PHONE! I just got a post card that stated the phone was on back order!BACK ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I call to find out what is going on. Th nice lady tells me that the order was placed in the "old" system so the order automatically canceled. She starts the order process and my call drops!!!!!!!!!ARHHHGGGGGGGGG!

She did call back and the order has been placed. We'll see!!!!

So here's a little story about my recent dealings with Sprint. Last November I decided to upgrade my cell phone. Easy enough. Go in, pick a phone, sign up for another 2 year term and walla. "Got me one of dem der new fangled Moto Razors"

Everything was fine until LB decided to dump a full glass of OJ into it one morning. After the obligatory "drying" out period. It still worked. Kinda. Every time I closed the phone the fecker shut off! So I left it open which in turn, killed the battery. I toughed it out as long as I could.

A week ago I decided to run over to the Edina Sprint repair store and get it fixed. I left the phone and returned the next day. The rep comes out with a baggie that has a big LD written on it. LD you say, LIQUID DAMAGE!

Ooppps how did that happen? So I asked the "intelligent looking" rep what could be done. He replies, "nothing" NOTHING? "NOPE". I can't get a replacement? "Lemmi look" he says enthusiastically. Cool a guy who can get thing done.

As he stares blankly at the screen while typing I think wow what a cool company. After 10 plus years with them they are gonna hook me up!

I can give you 75 off a new razor! WOW 75 percent I say! NOPE, 75 dollars!

Let's see new razor 250. Take off 75 gets me to 175! Activation 30 bucks. 205!!!!!!!!!

So I say that's it? "YUP" he says. So after 10 plus years with you guys I can't get a better deal. NO.

So it would cost me 175 to break the 2 year deal, walk over to another wireless provider sign a contract get a phone for nothing and take my number with and you lose a customer. "Sorry that's all we can do."

So as I ponder my next move, I figure I'll give the Sprint a call. 1, 2, 3, 4 explanations later I get a gentleman in their "retention" department. Yes RETENTION! This is after number 3 heard me say T Mobile has a great deal on the MOTO Q and data plan I'll call them.

So Brad or whatever, listens to my rant and all I ask for is the same phone at their new customer price of 29.99 and I'm good. He says, sure pick ANY phone. HUMMMMMM....Any phone? YUP! MOTO Q is awseome. SURE. How much I ask? 99.99. Cool. 500 phone for a hondo!? Hook me up!

After a brief discussion about terms, conditions and other BS he says, "OK, order is in you'll have it in 1-3 days." SWEET a man who can get things done!

Today is my 7th day waiting. So I call back and get a different monkey. She says sir, "I'm sorry but I don't see an order for you." FERCHRISTSAKES! I yell. After a lot of LISTENING by her, notice I didn't say yelling by me, she assures me that my for is ordered and on the way.

SWEET a woman who can get things done! Stay tuned!