Monday, January 30, 2006

The polls are out, the polls are out!

Get out the broom honey! I thought I would post a lil something for UNDakanada and BUCKY to look at. Seeing as you can't look at their respective forums and not laugh at the despair!

This is what I call RIDING a win streak!

For instance SUZE and the Whiner nation!
BoooHooo! I posted the Top 20 just to remind SUZE of where they are at! Let's choke SUE, Let's choke SUE! New school song seeing as they don't have one! No her name is not SOUIX! How? High are ya? How High Are ya!
Rk Team PWR Record RPI
Rk W-L-T Win % Rk RPI
1 Wisconsin 30 3 18-6-2 .7308 1 .6004
2 Minnesota 29 6 18-6-4 .7143 2 .5903
3 Miami 28 1 19-4-4 .7778 3 .5874
4t Boston College 26 2 17-5-2 .7500 4 .5581
4t Boston University 26 11t 14-8-2 .6250 5 .5501
6 Colorado College 24 11t 17-10-1 .6250 6 .5490
7 Michigan 23 19t 14-9-3 .5962 8 .5470
8 Cornell 20 5 13-4-3 .7250 15 .5324
9t Providence 19 15t 14-9-1 .6042 7 .5486
9t Nebraska-Omaha 19 25 14-11-3 .5536 13 .5370
9t Ferris State 19 27t 12-10-6 .5357 10 .5419
9t Michigan State 19 24 14-10-7 .5645 14 .5351
13 Lake Superior 18 10 14-7-5 .6346 12 .5385
14t St. Cloud State 17 19t 14-9-3 .5962 17 .5322
14t Harvard 17 23 11-8-2 .5714 20 .5261
16t St. Lawrence 16 15t 14-9-1 .6042 9 .5455
16t Ohio State 16 27t 13-11-4 .5357 16 .5323
18 NorthDakanada 14 21 17-12-1 .5833 11 .5411
19 New Hampshire 13 22 13-9-4 .5769 25 .5164
20 Denver 12 14 16-10-2 .6071 18 .5299

Do you?

Do you YAHOO? Well do you? With games at MTU and AA coming up and NO TV you can go HERE and listen to the internet broadcasts and rebroadcasts.

On Saturday nite after the POI's SWEEP of the BADgers I hopped on USCHO and noticed that the SCSU@UNDakanada thread was on fire. You see UNDakanada got swept at home again! So I decided to post a bit of support for our Stearns county brothers.

It got I bit heated!

Boy the flatlanders sure have thin skin when SUZE is losing. Find the thread and have a look. Boy they get personal really fast. Well what can be expected from people in a state where ALL they have to look forward to is SUZE hockey each year!
I hope the trend continues because it looks as if they will be leaving the friendly confines of "the RALPH" for the playoff's. What better thing to happen to the Final 5. With the BADgers a (virtual) lock for the Final 5 we don't need two classless fan bases at The X!


I can't hear yooouuuuu.......theONE shuts them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Good, the BADgers and the UGLY!

SWEEP!!!!! POI takes 2 in Madtown. It was not a dominating performance by any stretch of the imagination but, 4 points is 4 points! With DU sweeping this weekend, there is a 3 way tie atop the WCHA. GOOD.....

The BADger's have a tough road ahead. They have their next 6 of 7 on the road including a game at LIMBO Field against the pre season number 1 Ohio St. POI has this weekend off. They head to MTU during Winter Carnival. They come home to host the 2 time defending champion DU Pioneers. Off to the Great White North for a set with AA. Finally the season finale, with the DOGS and I mean "dogs" of tUMd.

About tUMd. I looks as though the dogs could go winless the rest of the way and finish 5-20-3 in the WCHA. They host the BADgers, visit North Dakanada, host CC and then visit POI at the Mecca! I am pointing this out because of all the remaining series left, I am hoping that they just PASTE these posers and the piss ant whining coach. Bad......

The Fishwrapper west edition has reported that Danny Irmen will be out 3-5 weeks with a 3rd degree shoulder seperation. UGLY.....

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Just the facts ma'am!


Is this another famous collapse of the BADgers? Only time will tell. Here is another whiner post by a BADger fan about there losing the ONE!

Classless? Read a few posts down about booing players you A Holes!

The POI once again showed why the are the class of NC$$ hockey!
Again they have shown why No.1 rankings mean ZIP and that the chase starts in the home stretch not the first 16 games.

When you say Wisconsin you've LOST it ALL!

OBTW BUCKY, 16 years and counting!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

To Canuck.....that IS the question?

the ONE!

Here is a nice article about "the One's" return to BADgerville. It's funny how these fans treat people from their own state. Can you imaging booing at Mariucci every time a Minny kid stepped on the ice?
We would be booing all game. We have a way around that however.

Of the 6 NON Minnesota teams in the WCHA there are 32 Minnesotans! For reference there are 50 CANUCKS on those same teams. Humm...... 1 state 32 players, 1 country 50.

Here is the break down. Team listed first, the MN bred players and then CANUCKS

I could give a rat's ass about Tech and AA. Been cellar swellers FOREVER!!!!
Look at the University of NorthDakanada! This is a school that thinks their schools song is, "let's go sue, let's go sue" What a total embarrassment of a program!

While I'm bashing them one more thing. Quit yelling "SUE" at the end of the National Anthem. Have a little bit of class!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The leader of the free world ehhhh!!!!?????????

Funniest picture I've seen in a while.
Here it is straight from the Wooger's mouth!!

Woog’s Wisdom Talley Tracker:
This Week: 9 of 20
Season Total: 113 out of 168

Minnesota State at Minnesota Duluth
This is a tough call. The Mavericks seem to be playing with more passion than the ‘Dogs. David Backes has 31 points including 10 goals to lead Mankato. Travis Morin leads the team in goals with 15 (28 points). UMD is led by Mason Raymond who has 8 goals and 23 points. Tim Stapleton has 10 goals and freshman Michael Gergen has 11 to lead the team. Part of UMD’s issues is the fact they have scored only 3 times in their last 54 power play attempts.

St. Cloud State at North Dakota
Joe Jensen’s 13 goals leads the Huskies, Andrew Gordon has 11 and 25 points to lead the team. UND is lead by Drew Stafford’s 18 goals and 32 points, freshman T.J. Oshie is next in goals with 14 (26 points).
THE CALL: 3 points for UND

Denver at Alaska Anchorage
Defenseman Matt Carle leads the Pioneers with 36 points including 11 goals. Ryan Dingle leads the team in goals with 16 (24 points). Anchorage has 3 players with 11 points including Chris Tarkir, Charlie Kronschnabel and Ales Parez. It’s logical that Anchorage might win at home but Denver has much more talent.
THE CALL: Denver sweep

Minnesota at Wisconsin
Sophomore Joe Pavelski has 14 goals and 33 points to lead the Badgers, followed by junior Robbie Earl with 13 goals and 30 points. The next highest point total is at 19 with Tom Gilbert. The Gophers are led by Ryan Potulny with 19 goals and 34 points. Phil Kessel has 10 goals and 31 points, followed by Alex Goligoski and Chris Harrington, both with 23 points. Kessel has a 6 game point streak heading into this weekend. Wisconsin is currently ranked #2 and Minnesota is 6-3-1 against ranked opponents this season. In goal, briggs has not lost since a 4-3 loss to Wisconsin on Dec. 2. Since that loss, Briggs has a 2.13 goals-against average and a .914 save percentage and has given up more than 3 goals only once in his last seven starts. Last time these teams met Minnesota got swept, but is 9-1-0 since then. I think Minnesota will play a lot better than the first time they faced Wisconsin. The hostile environment will be a change for Minnesota. This will be a championship type game both nights. This is the time of year last year when Wisconsin went into a tail spin. Their freshman goaltender Shane Connelly will face more shots than last weekend and he will feel the pressure. He will play either really well or not well at all. Minnesota has more high-end guys, especially on the skill side of things. The Badgers have always gone with one goalie and this is the first time that they’ve sort of gotten burned by it, having Brian Elliott hurt. The result is Minnesota having a distinct upper hand in goal in this series for the first time in a long time. The key will be making the Badgers go 180 feet to score and not turning the puck over. Another key to the game will be whether or not Wisconsin can continue to play physical and smart for 60 minutes and on the flip side, can Minnesota take it and play for 60 minutes.
THE CALL: Minnesota for a sweep!
Besides my love of everything Gopher hockey, I also have another addiction to Sim Racing. I won't bore you with the details but I did find and interesting video on Google. The Brit show Top Gear does a comparison, Playstation vs Real Life in a Honda/Acura NSX

It's about 11 minutes long. They are at LagunaSeca Raceway. Man would I love to try this!

Did ya ever wonder.....??????

What the student section at "the John" are yelling when our POI is pasting some poor exuse for a team?????? Well now you can find out. HERE is what you need.

OBTW. If you are a Maze and Blue fan, go ahead and feel free to steal the rest of them!

.......and now for something completely different

The Goof's are CHN's Team of the Week.

The POLLS are OUT! The POLLS are OUT!

This is the cry we hear every Tuesday as we approach February by the TOOLS from Hockey LEAST and the EZAC. They piss and moan about the "math" being wrong in both the PWR and KRACH. They know that the rankings mean squat right now but continue to bash each other at USCHO. Funny reading Colgate fans claiming a victory against LSSU and Clarkson is something to move them up in the polls. Look at who they beat! NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rk Team KRACH Record Sched Strength
Rating RRWP Rk W-L-T Pct Ratio Rk SOS
1 Wisconsin 775.6 .8612 1 18-4-2 .7917 3.800 1 204.1
2 Miami 508.4 .8063 3 17-4-4 .7600 3.167 15 160.6
3 Minnesota 428.3 .7804 6 16-6-4 .6923 2.250 4 190.4
4 Boston College 400.0 .7695 2 16-4-2 .7727 3.400 27 117.6
5 Colorado College 304.6 .7232 10T 17-10-1 .6250 1.667 5 182.8
6 Michigan 292.9 .7162 14T 14-9-1 .6042 1.526 3 191.9
7 North Dakota 288.5 .7134 10T 17-10-1 .6250 1.667 8 173.1
8 Cornell 229.3 .6704 4 12-4-2 .7222 2.600 40 88.19
9 Michigan State 226.0 .6676 23 14-10-5 .5690 1.320 9 171.2
10 Vermont 225.4 .6671 7 15-7-2 .6667 2.000 30 112.7
11 Northern Michigan 223.4 .6654 26 14-11-1 .5577 1.261 7 177.2
12 Denver 220.7 .6630 21T 14-10-2 .5769 1.364 13 161.9
13 Lake Superior 215.6 .6584 14T 12-7-5 .6042 1.526 21 141.3
14 Ferris State 213.8 .6568 21T 12-8-6 .5769 1.364 17 156.8
15 St. Lawrence 211.0 .6542 13 13-8-1 .6136 1.588 23 132.9
16 St. Cloud State 195.9 .6395 25 12-9-3 .5625 1.286 18 152.4

The HORROR....the HORROR!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

........and you wonder why?

Why Follow Gopher Hockey?
- Jon Marthaler

Why follow Gopher hockey? I think that question can be decomposed into three questions: Why hockey? Why college hockey? Why Gopher hockey?

You ask me why I love hockey. The Sporting News columnist Dave Kindred once said about hockey, "It's like basketball, only with a thousand turnovers." And five baskets per game, presumably. But hockey is much more than Kindred's description, which makes hockey sound like a ten-year-old girls' basketball game; it is odd-man rushes and penalty shots and power plays, rink-wide passes and wraparound tries, and tens of thousands of fans standing in unison as if pulled upward by the invisible hand of adrenaline. The NHL bills itself as "The Fastest Game in Town," but it's more than that-- it's a game that's both the fastest, and the slowest, in the world. It's a game where it takes the blink of an eye for three passes to make it the length of the ice, followed by an eternity as the goaltender slides from one post to the other and the wing tries to one-time the pass into the top shelf of a half-empty net.

English author Nick Hornby wrote a book called "Fever Pitch," an autobiographical tome based on half a lifetime's worth of experience in his travails following the Arsenal soccer club. Watching his club score a late goal in the last game of the season to win the league title, he wrote, "So please, be tolerant of those who describe a sporting moment as their best ever. We do not lack imagination, nor have we had sad or barren lives; it is just that real life is paler, duller, and contains less potential for unexpected delirium."

Hornby may have been writing about soccer, a game that does not tickle the fancies of most American sports fans; but all hockey fans know just exactly what he's talking about. When your team's winger beats the goaltender top-shelf... When a two-on-one rush produces a goal like no other goal you’ve ever seen... When your favorite player slides one five-hole in overtime to win the biggest game of the season.... that's delirium, that's maybe the best feeling legally producible in real life. Day-to-day life produces none of this. Hockey does.

You ask me why I love college hockey. It’s a question that’s been asked for many years by professional leagues, owners, players, and the decision-makers associated with the professional game: why, when given the chances to see the best athletes on earth compete at the highest possible level, do so many otherwise rational people choose to watch their local college team instead? (And why do so many of those otherwise rational people act so rabidly about that college game?) I believe the answer lies in the dynamic between institution and team and fans. We know, as sports fans, that what we are getting when we attend a professional game amounts, most basically, to a voyeuristic experience. We go, we watch, we cheer, we scream-- but at the end of the day, we have no real connection to our team. Even if we were at the game, banging on the glass or on the seat in front of us, exhorting our favorite team’s players on to greater heights, what we are doing still amounts to cheering at people in a bubble. When we leave the arena, we may feel a sense of pride in our team, but our only real belonging to that team is from the $75 we gave their organization for the privilege of sitting outside that bubble. College offers a different experience entirely. When we leave that arena, we feel not only a sense of pride in our team--we feel a sense of pride in ourselves. It may come from our affiliation with the collegiate institution, whether as a student or alumnus or longtime follower; it may come from our participation at the games, chanting the same things that have been chanted in the same situations for maybe a thousand years. What University of Minnesota fan never chanted, "Let’s go Go-phers!" accented in the same places and on the same notes? What University of Michigan fan never chanted, "Let’s Go Blue!"? Professional sports take place in the bubble, and try as you might, you never can quite grasp the feeling, and you never can quite touch the action. In collegiate sports, you’ve not only broken through the bubble; you’ve reached out and grasped the action, felt it build up inside your soul, and the action has reached right back, grasped you and pulled you in.

You ask me why I love Gopher hockey. I ask you if there was any other choice. Maybe if I had grown up in Detroit or Boston or Orono, Maine; then maybe I would not be a Gopher fan today. But I grew up in Minnesota, and despite what North Dakota or Duluth or Mankato fans would have you believe, there really was no other option than to become a Gopher fan. North Dakota may be a successful hockey program. Duluth may have its rabid fans. Mankato may be very important to people who hail from that city. But Gopher hockey is so much more than that, has meant so much more than that to me. It’s watching the first two periods of the game on MSC, then straining to pick up the third period on your alarm-clock radio after your parents have sent you to bed. It’s attending games in the new Mariucci Arena while wishing that you could have attended a game in the old Mariucci Arena, wishing that you had memories of the old arena when it was still Williams Arena Ice Rink. It’s John Mariucci, and John Mayasich, and the photos of teams going back too many years for anyone to have seen them all. It’s Herb Brooks, prowling the bench, leading three teams to titles. It’s Doug Woog, leading the team first as a player and then as a coach, leading them to a period of sustained greatness the likes of which today’s program can maybe only dream about. It’s Randy Skarda, hitting the post in overtime, and just how the heck did that weak backhander beat Stauber? It’s Neal Broten and the Hobey, Robb Stauber and the Hobey, Brian Bonin, and yes, Jordan Leopold with the Hobey. It’s the murals, where Leopold skates next to Crowley and Stauber makes a save on Woog. It’s the fact that nobody’s going to be wearing number 8 in maroon and gold on the ice anytime soon. It’s Broten chipping one over Iwabucci, Potulny sliding one under Yeats, it’s all the trophies in the concourse, so many that nobody knows exactly what they’re all there for anymore. It’s five gold banners, hanging over the east goal, spanning sixty-three years of Gopher champions.

But maybe most importantly, it’s the five-year-olds I see at the rink on Saturday mornings, when no one’s in the building except me and them, and all they know me as is as the kid who’s driving the Zamboni. They play their games, have their practices, and I see them warming up, skating the length of the ice (taking far too long) and faking this way and sliding one in and, hey, just maybe, if they were a little bigger, they would have looked just like Tyler Hirsch beating Wade Dubielewicz. And then maybe they make their first visit to the rink later that night, getting their first close-up look at the arena. Wow, Dad, how many guys are on that wall? Why are they up there? Dad, who’s going to be up there next? Hey, Grandpa, how many of these guys did you see play? How many banners are there up in the rafters, anyway? There sure are a lot. Why do all those kids say the same things after the other guys get a penalty, why do they all point at the goalie and yell? What are they saying? What do you mean you can’t tell me? Hey, Dad, we scored! What did everyone just say after the band stopped playing?

And then maybe Dad leans over to his son, as my father did to me, and maybe he wants to tell him about all the goals he’s seen, all the great players he’s watched, all of the championships he’s watched when he saw his team play this game, and what a game it is. Maybe he wants to teach him the words to the Rouser and the Minnesota March, and tell him just exactly how his dad reacted when Grant Potulny picked up Jordan Leopold’s shot after it deflected off Johnny Pohl, how Grant picked it up and slipped it under Matt Yeats and the whole state of Minnesota went berserk. But he doesn’t have time for all that. He knows that his son will pick that up in time, that soon, for his son, the game and the team will be the son’s and not just the father’s. Instead, he just sums all of it up in one sentence, with one word.

Instead, he just leans over and teaches him how to spell M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A.

Red Menace

Well here we go into the stretch run in the WCHA conference. This weekend we have the pleasure of returning "the unspeakables" sweep at the "John". I still find it amazing that when the opposing teams netminder makes a save they chant "sieve, sieve"

Well just goes to show you the combined brain power of the state that has given us such treats as Dahmer and Gein.