Monday, March 06, 2006

The table is set.

(10) UAA at (1) Minnesota
(9) UMD at (2) Denver
(8) MTU at (3) Wisconsin
(7) Mankato at (4) North Dakota
(6) SCSU at (5) Colorado College

Here we go into playoff time. The Goof's are 22-0 at home in the playoffs. I don't think that will change. I read somewhere that the Seadogs stayed in Indiana(?) instead of heading back home after the POI swept them 2 weeks ago. Humm....kinda sucks playing for AA. 2 weeks away from home! YUCK!

I am still picking JBSU to pull out an upset and bounce CC from the race.

If Mankato can play like they did against the BADgers, they might have a chance. Not much of a chance, but NorthDakanada's home record is not what I would call stellar. 11-8-0 is not a usual und record at home. It is not like the old "RALPH", man nobody could win there on a regular basis.

As for the BADgers...well I would like to see them get BITCH slapped by Tech but that is a lot to ask for. TECH did take one at "the cement drunk holder" stadium.

If all the top seeds make it but CC, the X will be rockin!

JBSU gets NoDakanada in the play-in.
Jelly doughnuts get the BADers
Goof's wait for the play-in winner!

Is it Friday yet?

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