Sunday, March 19, 2006

The field is set!

Not many suprises here. Michigan St. does get a number one seed. BADgers leap frog Goof's for overall number one.

Now that I'm over my alcohol poisoning, a few notes about the weekend. First off the happless Gophers. Wow, what a absolute failure to show up! The defence has reverted to it early season head up the arse play. 8 goals against JBSU? On Friday night I counted 13 passes up the middle that got picked off because they did not see the ice. Credit to JBSU for sticking it to them. On Saturday, I witnesses the same thing. Lack of pride? Lack of heart? Who knows. One thing I do know is they had better forget this weekend and go to NoDak pissed off and ready. Oh yeah, note to tDon: Start taking the body.

OK. Now I got up to watch the selection show on E$PNDOO. Who the FUCK produced that show. Phil Kessel the best player in the nation? WTF was that. Carle for Hobey? I like the idea that most are now dismissing the Goof's. It will let them focus on practice this week. und is being picked to win it all. 13-9 home record. Regional at the RALPH. Michigan first round. Hummm......

Midwest (Green Bay)
1. Wisconsin vs. 16. Bemidji St.
8. Cornell vs. 10. CC

West (Grand Forks)
2. Minnesota vs. 15. Holy Cross
7. North Dakota vs. 9. Michigan

Northeast (Worcester)
3. BU vs. 14. Neb.-Omaha
6. Miami vs. 11. Boston College

East (Albany)
4. Michigan State vs. 13. UNH
5. Harvard vs. 12. Maine

NorthDakanada looked good this weekend. Wisconsin looked good this weekend. St.Clown looked good and I wish this team would have made it to the big dance. The final last night was one of the most entertaining game all year next to Mn's loss to UND earlier at Mecca.

Some side notes: MTU's band rocks. Althought they played the same music again and again. Add some other stuff to the routine. Most of them will never see the FinalFive with out the WCHA paying their way.

MeanEGirl: You get the Eleaine Benis award for dance. BRUTAL!

All fans: STOP yelling your teams name at the end of the Nat'l anthem. Have some class and dignity.

Freebe: I have about 50 copies of the poster that was handed out. NDSU? EBAY in 5 years. LOL, that is funny. My final five montage will be assembled with this poster, tickets and program. Kill that proof reader. Would they ever mislable the Minnesota Golden Gophers? I think not.

TV: The selection show indicated that the UofM game will be tape delayed. Many hope 45 will pick it up live.NOT. Boys round ball tourney on. INCH shows the und game as tape delayed on E$PNDOO. Get the story straight. GET E$PN out of College Hockey coverage. Write FOXSportsNet and tell them to bid when the contract comes up.

Michigan: GOOD F'ING LUCK! 0-3 against WCHA. CC,MN and BADgers! und 1-1 against CCHA. Mich St. and Miami!

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