Saturday, March 11, 2006


On the nite that was the last game for the POI seniors the FROSH'S take OVER. Stoa, Kessel and Wheeler DOMINATE!
Guyer's "team" puts a final smack down on AA! Guess who get's rookie of the week? Who cares. To SaintPaul we go! As it stand right now, the BADgers are in as well as the Goof's.

UNDakanada extends the series to Sunday. CC heads into the 3rd tied against JBSU! DU leads tUMD into the third. While I have been following the games, I have the privalege of listening to tUMD internet feed. Man, I thought Sonmor was a whiner! Man he whines more then the SUZE board. WHO IS HE?

It sucks that these games are not on TV! With all the money tNazi had he could not secure a TV deal. The have the only show in town and NOTHING! Go MAVS! GO JBSU! GO tUMD!

We'll be WAAIITTIINNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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