Friday, March 24, 2006

So this is how it ends...

They are calling it the biggest upset in NC$$ history. I'll give them that. This group of "stars" did not know what team meant. They let themselves down, their coaches down and the fans.

A few random thoughts. Where was the hitting in this game? Have the Gophers turned into a Hockey East team? Thank GOD Harrington is GONE. He fumblefucked through his senior year. Good BYE! Why did Briggs and the D stop on the 3rd goal? 11 penalties?WTF? At least we don't blame the ref's for every lose like some fans to the West. Is it October yet?

Suck it up and watch the rest of the tourney here. Time to TROLL the boards and spread some love!
As reported in the Pioneer Press:
There was a "quiet" petition over at und by the faculty to consider dropping the racist logo that the NAZI buff tied his million to. Sounds like the lawyers are saying that it is a NO win situation for them. GOOD. Now make ALL teams that use logo's like this not just und. NDSU Flickertails! I like the sound of that. : )

2 other pretenders that got mugged. UNO and Miami. That was SWEET to see. Where was Parse?
Hey Mr.Don Riley where are your Dogs? Same place my Goof's are but with a much worse record and zero future for seeing the big show for years to come. Now back to Duluth area womens softball. Or brush up on your announcer skills! Yeah that's the ticket.

GO CC, UND and UW bring a 5th NC$$ title in a row home the THE BEST COLLEGE HOCKEY LEAGUE IN THE NATION! The WCHA!

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