Friday, March 10, 2006

Need the address?

What an absolutely WILD night in WCHA hockey. Goof's beat SeaDog's. BADgers beat Tech.

And now for something completely different..............................
NorthDakanada LOSES to tLANDCOWS.
tUMD upsets the 2 time NS$$ champions, DU.
JBSU beats CC. (predicted this one)
A lot of hockey going on Sunday I think!

Too bad we have to wait for USCHO forums and internet to find out scores.

My "gay" (read, alternative lifestyle) attention to RyPo continues according to one of my fans (My wife thinks different) , he scores the hat trick tonight! BC's pretender scores four points tonight. Too bad their season end soon!
Man what a shock it would be to see four MN teams in the FinalFive! Too bad BEERMIJI has not joined the league yet! DUMP AA and get BSU in the WCHA!


GO UM!, all BRANCHES. TC,No., So and Stearns CO!

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