Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Greatest...

...show on ice is about to hit St.Paul Minnesota. Year in and year out hockey fans come together at the "X" for three days of WCHA hockey and "just" a bit of partying!

First a bit about the atmosphere at the games. The fans are great! In all the years I have been going to the tourney and partying with Soiux fans, Badger fans, UMD fans and so on, us fans ALWAYS enjoy the games and have a good natured RUBE fest! Save for the time we where sitting a row above Mr.Parise! That another story! Always class and respect. I for one respect ALL fans and hope this tourney, at this venue continue into the most prestigious and well played tourneys in the Nation!

Good Luck to ALL. Oh yeah the March snow storms are going to be visiting again. On top of our 14" snowfall Monday, we are expecting 6+ Wednesday night into Thursday. Plus another BIG one setting it's sights on St.Paul for Sunday night. Be careful and enjoy.......

The Greatest Show on ICE!

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