Thursday, March 02, 2006


The Minnesota State Duluth Bulldogs head down 35 this weekend for a couple at Mecca. With their sparkling 9-21-4 record, the usual talk has surfaced this week. Why can't we sweep these pretenders? The answer. Their goalie. He has done EVERYTHING to beat the Goof's! In November the POI visited the DECC for two games. We came away licking our wounds with 1 point. This was to a team that in the 2 previous weeks was SWEPT by Bemidji St. and Vermont. WTF!

Do you see a pattern here! These guys love to play the Goof's. I have a feeling that this weekend will be much different. I'll give you a few reasons why:
1- It's senior weekend
2- The team get's presented the DQ Cup! LOL!
3- The team get's presented the MacNaughton cup!
4- They got 1 fucking point from these Gopher rejects in November.
5- They need to keep this momentum going into the playoffs.

Better come ready to play because they will!

Prediction: 5-2 and 6-1 POI SWEEPS!

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