Sunday, March 12, 2006

WELCOME..... OUR house! The field is set. The BADgers get und. JBSU gets tUMD! GOOF's WAIT.

What a weekend of hockey. DU get's pwned at home. CC takes the easy way to the NC$$'s. Watching the Final Five from home. After a fight to catch the DU game (because of snow storm) I tuned into watch tUMD go up 4-1! Man, I then tuned into USCHO to hear JBSU take the series! tUMD bounced DU from the show. END OF THE YEAR! CC in still.

OK. Now, interesting to say the least! Can the BADgers continue the run?

NOPE! und takes the game 4-2.

JBSO smacks tUMD 4-1.


Goof's beat Soiuxage 5-3.

What an absolute AWSOME weekend of hockey at the X! I hope to meet some of you there! I'll buy! One or two!

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