Saturday, March 04, 2006

Do dog's really whine?

Well yes they do. I have added a link to a Duluth State Blog here. This is just a snippet from that 7-0 ASSWHOPPIN that the POI put on tGopher Rejects.

"It makes me sad to think our season is going to end after next weekend. (Okay, we are not mathematically eliminated, we still have an auto-bid, but let's get real, people. We are not the damn Miracle On Ice.) However, it also comes as a relief. Why are we playing the penultimate game of the regular season as tentatively as the first? Why can't we make passes? Why haven't we gotten quicker? Why is the puck in your skates, Matt Greer, while you are looking around for it? Why are we tripping over our teammates? Why can't we score on that sieve, Briggs? WHY? WHY? WHY?
posted by Donna Marie at 11:42 PM

I pose this question. No talent maybe?

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