Friday, March 10, 2006

Lucia's RUN.

Broadmoor Trophy The Broadmoor Trophy is awarded annually by the Western Collegiate Hockey Association to the winner of the highly-competitive WCHA Playoff Championship since 1985. The Broadmoor Trophy itself dates to 1981.

It was first presented to the conference by the world-renowned Broadmoor of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Long an ardent supporter of college hockey, the Broadmoor Resort complex previously included the famous Broadmoor World Arena, which hosted the NCAA Ice Hockey Championships eleven times between 1948 and 1969.

For the first three seasons of its partnership with the WCHA (1981-84), the Broadmoor Trophy was presented to the Association's regular season champion. But with the return of Michigan Tech University and the MacNaughton Cup to the WCHA in 1984, the Broadmoor Trophy has since been awarded to the winner of the league's annual post-season tournament.

The run has begun. With the league championship safely tucked in the basement of Mecca, the POI go for the Playoff Championship.

Alaska comes back to town riding a long losing streak that goes back to Jan. 6th.

Minnesota is on a run that goes back to the first weekend of December. 18-1-1 since.

Not since 1994 has a No.10 knocked of a 1 seed. Tech went to CC and proceeded to whoop them.

The last time the Goof's missed the Final 5 is in 1998.

The last (only) time the Seadogs made the field was in 2004. I cheered my ASS of for them in the tourney!

1992: The last time the Goof's won the Cup. Also the last time the lost a home playoff game!

In 65 first-round series during the Final Five era, dating to 1993, only nine times has a road team won it.

This should be an easy series for the POI. Given they are 4-0 this year and have outscored them 21-8. It would take a meltdown of BADger proportions for the Goof's to lose this series.

My prediction. 5-1/4-2 Gophers sweep!

I'm rooting for JBSU to UPSET CC this weekend. Good luck Motz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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