Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Souixage RULE! 10>5

Just to show you HOW PATHETIC the sports reporters are in this town. In the FishWrapper East, aka PioneerPress, our resident "Gopher" expert has posted this article. Here!

Here is the snippet:

Posted on Tue, Mar. 28, 2006

WCHA men and women dominating nationally


North Dakota should nail down its 10th NCAA championship April 9 in Milwaukee. Expect the Fighting Sioux to go all the way … unless Wisconsin does.

WOW! They get three wins for this years title. Which we ALL KNOW belongs to SUE already!

As if we need to see that lame as comeback that they all use when the get out thought on a certain board.

All year we get limited coverage by the likes of him and TOOLS like the Genius SQUID Hartman. At least they can get the facts right. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH. Now back to girls volleyball Brothers, you hack. He kind of ranks up there with Don Riley of Duluth!

Still no word from Irmen, RyPo or Kessel on their future. My gut says they all stay. The way this year ended may help that decision. I hope! ; )

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