Thursday, March 09, 2006

We're BACKKKKK!!!!

Here we go! Playoff time. I am not going to bore you with predictions or analysis. I am however going to point out a few interesting things I have come across on the many Blog’s and forums. It seems that when the season is coming to an end fans get increasingly testy. I am going to start off with our fans. I frequent GPL. Usually pretty tame but somebody posted a t-shirt that had the Gopher M and the word “ARROGANCE” underneath it. Now most folks consider us Gopher fans arrogant. We do tend to look down upon other programs. I do not need to explain this again. I already made that statement in one of my first entries. A few people kinda jumped the poster saying it was “in bad taste” “wait until April 8th”. Arrogance? WTF! We have to wait until it is over to talk shit? I think not! Arrogance is assuming that WE will be there at the end and then we can use shit like 6>5 and so on!

Another t-shirt idea that somebody posted was the following. I put it to paint for him so to say!

And on the back it had: F_CK _ND! There were a few dirrivatives. You are smart you get my point.

OK next we are going to venture into that basackwards world we call USCHO. Man some of the shit that gets tossed out there is hard to stomach. “Who from Minnesota hates ScoobyDoo?” This post, pretty much showed that the site is more about trolls and people who think their “rapists” wit deserves Hollywood! If you do not know who Scoob’s is then you do not belong here reading this.{SIGH} I chimed in and said I am going to bring a sign to the X next week asking that very same question. Should be worth a laugh if I can get my MUG on the scoreboard or better yet FSN! Not counting on it either but I will get some good photos with the sign. Oh I hope I see GOLDY!

I will update this RANT later on this evening after work…..Stay tuned!

BAH f it! No more crap. DROP THE F'ING PUCK!

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