Monday, March 12, 2007


....That was a close one!
The game wasn't as close as it seemed. 3-1. The POI make another trip to St.Paul. A place that seems to not like them since 2002. They head to Kellogg Blvd. after dispatching a pesky Seadog team. Alaska St. only manages 12 total shots for the game. The Goof's peppered their netminder all night yet could not get them past. A lot of wide open nets, missed nets or fanning on the shot. This game could well of been 6-1! Oh well, got to watch 1 more game I guess!

So to the X we go. 1,2,3,6,7 seeds make the show. 1 good thing. At least you won't have to hear me rant about Tech's shitty band being there when the team is not. They squeak by CC to make it for the first time in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. They get the pleasure of the play-in game against the BADgers.

fUMD almost prevails against St.Clown. 3OT's and JBSU's Nodl scores the game winner.

The Flickertail's breeze past daMavs.

Who's the team to beat? Suze of course. Their hot play continues. I bet JBSU will be a little pissed Friday afternoon when the get Suze. Actually Thursday's play in game is going to be a good one. The fans at the X will be cheering for Tech that's for sure. Much like they did for Alaska a few years back. Tech and the BADgers are playing for the lives. They have ZERO chance of making the big show unless the win it all. Tech actually is closer to the bubble then sconi.

The POI get the winner of the play in game Friday during prime time. Downtown will again be rocking. With St.Patty's day Saturday it looks like downtown Fargo! Fucking Irish! At least I'll be in the friendly confines of 2908!

A little regionals talk. How bad does it suck to be a UDDU fan right now. Not only did the get swept by a average Bucky team, they are out of the big dance for the second year in a row and they are the host institution for the West Regional! Way to choke Gwaz! It will just give you more time to recruit in beautiful MooseJaw or Regina!

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