Friday, March 16, 2007

DouchePost of the Year!

I do not usually react to blog posts with posts here. Usually. I must point this one out though. The author is a self proclaimed fan of "UAA hockey, SOCCER?, Chicks? and games!"

Argggg... this is to easy. I can't even write without laughing!

"You know how I know you're gay..."

I have come to find the most UAA fans are fairly knowledgeable when it comes to NC$$ hockey. He just blew it for them.

Just have a read. You're smart, you can form your own opinion.

Meanwhile in StPaul, in the State of the WCHA Final Five (Hockey), tElliott and the BADgers shut out Tech 4-zip. To bad the fans there still have to listen to the Tech band and their between whistle drone of a song. If you know the band you know the song. Listen for it on FSN tonight.

I only caught the first period of the game but sconi pretty much shut them down that period so most of the game must have been the same way!

0-1 on the picks. Who cares! Better DEAD then RED! Bring on bucky. It should be a helluva game. Becky has everything to play for. They need to win out to make it into the dance. The Goof's have to prove they can play with intensity for 60 minutes. One comment from a player in the FishWrapper West is as follows ""We can't lose the rest of the season; that's our motto right now" Nothing like stating the obvious! I think they are, considering last years meltdown and this years coasting into the Final Five. Yes coasting.

Better bring it boys because BECKY will be fired up for sure.

How's the weather up there in UAA land? I heard the off season for UAA players is a sure sign of spring. Early again this year I see. Maybe Punxsutawney Phil should be replaced with Anchorage Al?

WhatCha think? If he comes out of his igloo and sees his favorite SeaDog's still playing we get six more weeks of hockey?

Let's stick with Phil! We'd never get six more weeks with Al.

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