Saturday, March 10, 2007


Grit, heart and teamwork! Or lack there of.

Take your yellow hair and take a week off.

A lot of missed chances, pipes and lack of... Hill said It all! Alaska State pushed it to a third game. Just a few observations if I may. The D core has been totally out of it. Vannelli and Goli look like they are playing at half speed and being just plain lazy and lackadaisical. Johnson...well he can just head out now. Number 1 my ass. Sloppy, lazy and he just does not give a shit. Kessel the cancer strikes again.

What will game 3 give us? Hopefully a week to sit and THINK about what this means to them. I'm not liking the end of this season. It is coming sooner then later.

Hell the HS tourney was more entertaining then this team tonight.
In other action. St.Clown escapes a sweep and gets a 3rd game. Suze sweeps the whiner out of a job. CC rebounds and UD gets swept by the BADgers.

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