Thursday, March 01, 2007

You got to fight...

For your host in the playoffs. The .500 Techsters hit Mecca this weekend. They are in a dog fight to host a first round playoff bid. WHAT? Tech at home in the first round? Nah. Ain't gonna happen. They need to sweep the U of M and they need DU.......oopppsss UD (more on that one in a bit) to sweep CC. The way the Goofs have been playing the first may be possible, but with a home and home in the Rockies, not likely.

Tech is 1 point behind CC for that 5th home playoff spot.

In other action Goon's gang heads to Stearns County to take on Never Been There State. Can stttttuuuuuutttttteeeerrrrriiinnnggg Bobby continue to sttttaaaaaannnnnnnddddddd on his head and carry the team? This should be a really good match up. Both have a lot to play for. The flickertails could use a couple of wins to solidify and move up in the Pairwise. We all know that JBSU is chasing the POI for the title.

fUMD and BADgers? Who gives a rats ASS!

Did I hear it right? Some admin at DU/UD is telling everybody that it is the University of Denver and not Denver University? Funny but...

Kinda confusing isn't it!

Enjoy your weekend everybody. I'll be in Lutsen snowmobiling ALL weekend.

Keep the cup where it belongs boys...In the State of Hockey.

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