Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The end

The season was put to an end Sunday with a OT goal (weak at best) by a very determined Sue team. Play was carried most of the game by them. Talk about flat. Did they have nothing left in the tank for these guys? Humm.....NO. They got beat by a better team. Not all around better, just playing their best hockey when it counts.

The off season looks to be a little iffy. Johnson and Goli are more then likely gone. Vannelli and Briggs(ave) graduate. There is talk of Man beast and Barriball leaving. Not to mention Wheeler. I wish the NC$$ would step in and stop this BS by the NHL. They should not be eligible for the DRAFT until the end of their junior year at any given school. Not going to happen!
Greed rules ALL!

So let's look forward to the semi's. Maine got lucky again. How does this team even get to the show? Eastern bias. Michigan St. proved they can play. ND was taken out by them. Look for a close game but State making the trip to the championship.

Next is BC and Suzie. Both teams are on fire. Lammy will need to stand on his head and have the BEST GAME OF HIS LIFE to beat BC. They are a awesome team to watch. This is a rematch from last year. That game was not even close. BC carried the play and coasted to the F4.


Folks we are going to have a NON WCHA team as champion this year.

2 out of 3 ain't bad! LOL! Is it October yet?

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