Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Will they escape?

Back from my weekend sledding trip to SilverBay on the North Shore. Man was there a TON of snow. Step off the trail and you sank into 4Ft. of powder!!! Trails were devoid of people and the groomers were out in force.

There's just something about tearing up a trail at 70+ MPH!! You burn a lot of gas and scare the shit out of your self but man what a RUSH!

OK, so I watched the game from Saturday night. The puck just refused to bounce the Goof's way all night. The D corp had their heads up their arses all night. tDon took exception to their effort and they had a little skating party Sunday morning. Must have wanted to refresh their memories a bit.

The flickertails take 3 of 4 from JBSU! End up in 3rd! Look out here comes Suze!

UD has a miracle comeback against CC.

The playoffs are set.

fUMD vs. St.Clown
Flickertails vs. MSJC
UD vs. BADgers
CC vs. YupperPoodles
The U vs. Alaska St.

JBSU in 2
UND in 2
UD in 3
MTU in 3
POI in 2

Man, first year in a while I won't be Downtown for the tourney. Oh well. I'll sit at home in front of the fire and watch! Cheaper too!

Oh yeah I forgot.....

Photo Courtesy evegoe @ GPL

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