Friday, March 16, 2007

Hello bug, meet windshield

Windshield wins. Look out for Suzie! They dominated St.Clown, no question! Their first 5 minutes reminded me of the early season Goof's. Came out and took charge!

Now to the POI.
D again looked tentative in their own end. WTF is wrong with Goli?
I watched him make a few bone headed plays. Most of them in his own zone. Too many give aways!

The positive. They held their ground, matched UW hit for hit and stayed in the system. Dug hard and played 60 minute.

Forwards played stronger each period. Not a lot of chances in the 3rd for TNSoH. Briggs went unchallenged.

I hope they come to send a message to Suzie tomorrow! They had better eat their Wheaties because this team is HOT!

One thing is for sure. WE will have a NEW National Champion.

BaBye Becky! BaBye ELLIOTT!

In some other action. I watched Notre Dame play tonight. Man this team would not stand a chance against the LandCows. What a lazy team. Granted they were playing LSSU, but yikes! fUMD would hand them their ASSES right now.

As of right now BC is squashing BU 4-1, Michigan rocks MSU!

Irish get Wolverines
BC gets UNH
POI gets NDSU!

Notice there was NO Goof prediction? I was 0'fer, so I shut my mouth!

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