Saturday, March 24, 2007


Drop the puck! Game day baby! Boy was it fun rooting for Maine last night! JBSU lives up to their other name, One and done U. I must point this out, HolyCross has more wins in the NC$$'s then the mullet nation! Should I run out and get my Maine jersey? Nope! CLASS!

Don't know what I was doing picking Clarkson to go past the first round. Oh well 3 pick out of four on the poll at GPL.

Today the Goof's face the flyboy's. They have two very dynamic players. 11 Minnesota boys and 4 goalies. Yes, 4 goalies. As posted earlier the mainly played a weak schedule. They gave a few WCHA teams a scare. Speed will be the key. Dump and grind! RJ is in the lineup, at forward. Let's see if he can get his first.

Today I shed my hatred for Michigan. GO BLUE!

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