Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Looking forward

The race for the Frozen 4 is up in the air. With all the playoff's this weekend there are only a few teams who are a lock for the tourney. 9 are in for sure. That leaves 7 spots for a LOT of teams.

Minnesota, Notre Dame, St. Cloud, New Hampshire, Clarkson, Boston College, Boston University, Michigan and Alabama-Huntsville are in.

It is hard to believe but Suzie is a bubble team. They need to win in St.Paul to make it. NO....Not the whole thing just 1 win. Go here and read the whole shabang!

The Final 5 is just 1 day away. The play in game pits Tech against the BADgers. This year Tech swept the only 2 they played. Typical BADger hockey, 2-1, 4-2 losses. Most fans will be cheering for Tech Thursday night. I am not one of those fans. Tech will be playing with a little more tenacity then ANYBODY in this shootout. Both teams need to win the Final 5 to make the show!

Prediction: BADgers 5-2

That brings us to Stearns Co. CC and the flickertails. Humm.......Suzie just took 3 from them. Suzie has been RED HOT in the second half. Stuutteerrriinnggg Bobby has shown he is human. Suzie ALWAYS plays big at the X. St.Patty's is Saturday! Oh wait they play Friday afternoon...Well then, time for Suzie to stumble.

Prediction: JBSU takes them. 4-3


Stay tuned!

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