Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where's the beef?

"Oh my gosh, I think he put the puck between his skates!"

The Mighty Mankato Land Cows come into the weekend having just manhandled the cake eaters from out east. They DOMINATED Yale (cough) and got pwned by Princeton. Princeton? C'mon. Meanwhile the POI took the Cupcake Cup over the weekend. Still MIA are the 5 Goof's who are representing their country in the World Jr tourney. The 5 are not expected back until Sunday's game, yes Sunday's game at Mecca. Savvy scheduling tDon!

Mankato comes in with a 6-12-3 overall record, good enough for 9th in the WCHA. They are down there keeping the likes of the Flickertails and BADgers company. This will be their highlight weekend. The game Friday night should be a wild one in CowLand. After coming ohhhhh so close to beating the Goof's in December look for a lil fire from "Whiners" boys. Just watch this guys expressions on the bench ANYTIME a penalty is called. It's funny!

The Landcows could not have had a better time to play us. 5 gone @ the Jrs. and our resident head case dismissed last week. Still talent will play a role here. Some will say that Mankato is a team that just has not had the breaks. Bullshit! The need to beat the likes of Lethbridge, Princeton and BURRmidji to be considered a threat. Yes, they may sneak one by this weekend but 1 win does not a season make. If the season were to end today they would travel to DU and get mopped up!

Prediction: 5-4 Goof's! 6-2 Goof's! SWEEP!

Last post until the move is complete and DSL is re-established. Ahwwwwww...

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