Monday, January 08, 2007

On (to) Wisconsin!


Not what you call a typical win, but a win none the less! Not only a win, but a PREDICTED sweep of "whiners" Land Cows. Not typical because both teams looked tired and uninspired. I will say that the Jr. College carried most of the play. The were beating people to the puck and generally out working the POI. But in the end, talent (read:puck luck)was the cure. Enough about them.

Now for a real challenge. The BADgers in MadTown. I watched both games against DU. I was really impressed by DU but that is two weekends away. Back to TNSoH. They continue to under achieve in my opinion. Friday they were lazy and missed a few chances. Saturday they looked like last years team and Elliot(t) looked stellar. This will be the weekend the streak stops. I know,I know but hey the 94E boyz will be jacked up for this one. Rest is in order this week I guess for tDons troops. Light practice week to get their legs back.

The packaging of the house is about 85% done. Thursday is pre-signing and final walk through @ 2908. LB will be heading to Willmar for the weekend. He's out of our hair during the move. Friday is closing at 10 and 12 respectively. Get the truck and start hauling shit over. Boat, sleds and car Friday night. Along with emptying the storage locker and dropping it off. We met the NEW owners of our house last night. Very nice young couple that both work at Mystic. Their lil guy is cute as a bug! I hope they enjoy my house. Boy, hard to believe that after 40 years our family will not reside in that house. Not sure how I'm going to feel come Sunday when I walk out of there for the last time?

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