Monday, January 22, 2007

Pesky Pioneers and SUZE!

What a feisty series that was. Couple of things, why wasn't DU's goalie called for the obvious dive? The Goof player clearly "whiffed" as tDon called it. Why did the Goof player getting punched (not throwing punches) get a fighting penalty? Anyhoo, a split is OK! Friday night did not go well for the POI. I counted three that clanked off the post. Puck Luck!

Suze makes an appearance at Mecca this weekend. Having a 6-1-1 record in their last 8 they seem to be on a roll. But wait! In games that mean ANYTHING they are 2-1-1. The other four wins were against junk teams. Lost to CC and tied Alaska State.

They are a one line wonder of a team. No depth. Terrible D and suspect netminders. But of course they will be jacked up for the series and will play hard as they always do against us.

Over at they are reliving past goals and games from their distant past. I think this is to hide their obvious fear and realization that they will be heading north with their tails between their "flickertail" legs after the Goofs put a shellacking on Nazi-boys gang. The tools are getting their HC jerseys all washed up at the local "Suds and Puds" and will be out in force this weekend.

This is a HUGE weekend in the WCHA. The braves head to Mecca and St.Clown heads to the arena of fading light at DU. Time to bitch slap Suze by sweeping them out of here and hoping that the series out west ends with 2 ties and a shit load of fighting penalties.

Oh, it's the HOME OF THE BRAVE! not braves. Class!

Sorry for the lack of content of late, still trying to settle in.

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