Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm Back!!!!

Thank GOD that's over! The coldest frickin weekend of the year we move. Well, at least we missed the snow.

It was rather uneventful. The only snafu was my brother backing over my NEW neighbors mailbox post and snapping it off at the base. His wife was pissed but when I introduced myself to him and explain what happened all he said was, "yeah it looked a little lower".

We went out today and spent some money. King size bed, headboard and foot board, china cabinet, wine rack/server and chair for LB's playroom. Half way to 6K budget! Living room left to furnish and hopefully some left over for couch in the "manhole".

The weekend was without any hockey. No practice for LB, no Goof's for Daddy. BADgers hand the POI their first loss since their first game at the X. Goof's salvage a split and take the series 3-1 this year. Looking ahead. DU heads to Mecca for "Hockey Day In Minnesota" My alma mater is in BAHHHDET for a game on the bay. The Goof's host DU, then the Wild are in action. Not to mention a bunch of specials on in between.

Wood will burn, Windsor will flow and the new home will be enjoyed. I'll be here all week.

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