Friday, January 26, 2007

Brooms and Shovels

The Goof's have an opportunity to deliver SUZE and the Holy Cross cheering section another punch to the gut this weekend. They have managed to crawl back into the Pairwise hunt with their recent win
streak (read: cupcake round of their schedule)

My keys to a Goof sweep. Fast start. A goal in the first 3-4 minutes. Shadow the Super Soph's. Put checkers out there against them and follow them where ever they roam. Number 3-4 lines need to come up big this weekend.

Suze will be fired up no doubt a bought it. DU was fired up also but DU is a better coached team with more talent throughout the lineup.

I just realized that MY biggest perceived rival for Goof hockey is SUZE. You can thank J.P. at the X for me hating them even more. I used to appreciate the fact the you were a NorthStar great. The POS actually had the gall to turn around and tell me to quit talking about his kid(in the nets) like that! My response, "mind your own business, I PAID for my tickets!" The 2 SUZE fans next to me(50-60ish) looked at me and said, "he's(JP) an asshole, ignore him" I just about pissed myself!

Was that my brush with fame?

Now, the ONLY other series that matters in the WCHA. St.Clown takes on DU. This is going to be a HELLOFA series. The Stearns County homo's have been tearing through teams. Having witnessed them live at Mecca earlier this year they can only have improved. DU is a smart and tenacious team. If St.Clown thinks they can push them around they are in for a surprise. Two ties are in order here.

On DirecTV tonight:

Flickertails vs. Goof's 7:05 641
BC vs. BU 7:30 623
St.Clown vs. DU 7:35 645
Michigan vs. Ferris 7:35 610

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