Sunday, January 28, 2007


Did anybody get the number of that bus? POI get smacked down Saturday night by the flickertails. Here they go again. Who? Glad you asked. Both of them. Goof's MAY be starting the el'foldo. Suze surging. Nah. First sweep all year. No panic. It may be at the hands of NorthDakanada but it may, may be a catalyst. For who?

Goon's gang will get a boost from this one. The fact remains they are still a .500 team and on the bubble. Although I missed most of the game you could tell how it was going to turn out. How long will it take Frazee to get over THAT goal? HUMFFFF???

Meanwhile the No.1 curse is gone. Now to pull the heads out and get back to work. D has been less then stellar. Saw a lot of standing around and watching. AGAIN. On to Alaska St. No TV from the tundra. A week off and then to CC.

St.Clown splits with DU. They are both in striking distance. The end is a LOOOONNGGG way away. How good are they? We'll have to wait and see.

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