Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The End.

After battling a nagging shoulder injury 2 years ago in the World Jr.'s Nate Hagemo has ended his Gopher/Hockey career. At 5-11 180Lbs., the blueliner compiled 2-8(10) in his freshmen year at the U. His injury was sustained in a game against Mankato and worsened by a cross check in the Jr tourney in GF. He never recovered. He took to the ice this year and was donning the X jersey that indicates no contact in practice. Although he wore this jersey it is said that he was fairly physical in practice.

This is another blow to the Goof's who were counting on his return and solid style of D. He was the 58th overall pick in the 2005 draft by Carolina. What a terrible way to end your career.

Hagemo said, " We did everything we could to get back to 100 percent, but my shoulder just wasn't getting any better. I can't thank the entire team and staff enough for the support they have given me the last two years."

He will continue to attend the U and finish his degree.

Good luck Nate!

PS: This was posted here.

"For anyone that really cares, Hagemo stretched and damage the bundle of nerves called the "Brachial Plexus". That causes intense muscle spasm and weakness that is very debilitating. Hagemo was optomistic on Thursday that he'd feel better playing but obviously wasn't able to take a hit without pain and had lost his shot so hung up the skates instead of doing more damage. There are surgeries to graft nerves for the brachial plexus but Hagemo wasn't a candidate as the diagnosis came too late. He will continue with his Physical Therapy in order to maintain a normal life but his hockey career is over."

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